2024 Championships

Julius Ferguson Elite Male 5/13/2024 MLab NJ WNL Season IX - Regional Championship - Northeast

We cannot wait to return to the electrifying atmosphere of the Greensboro Coliseum Complex! This year we upgraded the schedule to place more of an individual focus on each of our athletes competing! This improved schedule allows course clears to advance to later stages, more athletes to advance through the Strongest Ninja bracket, longer course time limits in the new Discipline Circuit and improved venue flow. The additional flexibility in the schedule should provide more opportunities for athletes and their families to enjoy their experience at the Championship.  

The Championships will take place June 21-24. Registered athletes will be automatically enrolled in the three new Discipline Circuit events and the 3 Stage advancement competition. This year looks to be the biggest and most exciting WNL Championships yet! Learn more about everything the event has to offer through the links below.



The best ninja athletes from around the world will compete from June 21 – June 24 for the title of World Champion. Each age and gender division in the competition has been assigned competition days during this period where they will compete in their Discipline Circuit or 3 Stage events. The competition schedule below is organized by division and athletes can determine which day they will compete in each of the competitions events by reviewing the schedule below. 

The tentative schedule below is intended to help everyone plan their trip to Greensboro. This schedule has been made based on the number of world finalists expected to attend and is subject to change. A detailed schedule will be released closer to the competition when there is a better indication of attendance. This will help ensure the schedule released is as accurate as possible. It’s recommended athletes plan to arrive a day early and leave the day following the last event scheduled for their division. This will ensure athletes can participate in all events for their age group.

june 22 - 24

Kids Male

June 22 – Discipline Circuit

June 23 – Stage 1

June 24 – Stage 2, Stage 3

june 22 - 24

Kids Female

June 22 – Discipline Circuit

June 23 – Stage 1, Stage 2

June 24 – Stage 3

june 22 - 24

Mature Kids Male

June 22 – Stage 1

June 23 – Stage 2, Stage 3

June 24 – Discipline Circuit

june 21 - 23

Mature Kids Female

June 21 – Stage 1, Stage 2

June 22 – Stage 3

June 23 – Discipline Circuit

june 21 - 24

Preteens Male

June 21 – Discipline Circuit

June 23 – Stage 1

June 24 – Stage 2, Stage 3

june 21 - 23

Preteens Female

June 21 – Stage 1

June 22 – Stage 2, Stage 3

June 23 – Discipline Circuit

june 21 - 23

Teens Male

June 21 – Discipline Circuit

June 22 – Stage 1

June 23 – Stage 2, Stage 3

june 23 - 24

Teens Female

June 23 – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

June 24 – Discipline Circuit

june 21 - 23

Young Adults Male

June 21 – Discipline Circuit

June 22 – Stage 1, Stage 2

June 23 – Stage 3

june 21 - 22

Young Adults Female

June 21 – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

June 22 – Discipline Circuit

june 22 - 24

Adults Male

June 22 – Discipline Circuit

June 24 – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

june 21 - 23

Adults Female

June 21 – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

June 23 – Discipline Circuit

june 22 - 24

Masters Male

June 22 – Discipline Circuit

June 24 – Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

june 22 - 24

Masters Female

June 22 – Stage 1, Stage 2

June 23 – Stage 3

June 24 – Discipline Circuit

june 21 - 23

Elite Male

June 21 – Stage 1

June 22 – Stage 2, Stage 3

June 23 – Discipline Circuit

june 21 - 23

Elite Female

June 21 – Stage 1

June 22 – Stage 2, Stage 3

June 23 – Discipline Circuit

Full Schedule

Note: Days are split in half between AM and PM.

The 2024 WNL Championships will take place at the Greensboro Special Events Center. The competition will be held in the Coliseum Center’s East and West Wing B. The venue features stadium seating, climate control and a professional atmosphere for ninja’s most exciting competition! 

This year we’ve expanded the event to offer more experiences for the entire family! Check our activities page to see everything the event has to offer, or keep reading to learn more about local restaurants, hotels and venue policies. 


Wyndham Garden


Check Rates

La Quinta

Complimentary Breakfast Included!

Check Rates


Breakfast for 2 included

Check Rates

Hyatt Place

  1. Go to www.hyattplacegreensboro.com
  2. Click "book now" 
  3. Enter  stay dates 
  4. In the box that says "AAA / special rates" scroll down to group / corporate code 
  5. Enter the code "G-WORL" in the box and click search 
Check Rates


Open Gym sessions at Level Up are for all ages of registered competitors of the WNL Championships and their families. Please check the schedule to see which Open Gym sessions work for your family in the age groups and times provided.

WNL Championships check in/registration will be available at the open gym sessions. Avoid the lines of the venue and check in ahead of time! A recent Level Up waiver is required for every person in attendance and can be found on their website. Please direct all questions regarding Open Gym Sessions and the International/Staff Qualifier to Level Up. 


Wednesday, 6/19:
4:30pm Open Gym All Ages
5:45pm Open Gym All Ages
7:00pm Open Gym All Ages
8:15pm Open Gym All Ages

Thursday, 6/20:
9:00am Open Gym Kids, Mature Kids, Preteens
10:15am Open Gym Teens +
11:30am Open Gym Kids, Mature Kids, Preteens
12:45pm Open Gym Teens +
2:00pm Open Gym Kids, Mature Kids, Preteens
5:45pm Open Gym Teens +
7:00pm Open Gym All Ages
8:15pm Open Gym All Ages

Friday – Sunday 6/21-6/23:
9:00am Open Gym All Ages
10:15am Open Gym All Ages
11:30am Open Gym All Ages
12:45pm Open Gym All Ages


Times subject to change.


Address: 1921 W Gate City Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27403

Phone: (336) 373-7400

Bag Policy

Competitors may bring reasonable quantities of outside food and/or beverages for their individual needs with them in their bags. 

Spectators will not be allowed to bring outside food and/or beverages into the venue.



Wet n' Wild Water Park

This family friendly water park is located less than 10 minutes from the Coliseum Center.  The park features over 40 water rides, slides and attractions! Families can learn more through the park’s website!

Greensboro Children's Museum​

This museum features a massive outdoor playground! This location is perfect for little ninjas to burn off energy. Learn more about this exciting exciting experience by heading to their website.

Greensboro Science Center

Looking for something educational? This aquarium, museum and zoo is the perfect place for kids the learn and have fun! The center features outdoor ziplines, immersive shows and spectacular creatures. Head to the Science Center website to learn more.

Safari Nation

This indoor playground has become widely popular because of its clean, safe and secure environment. The playground offers bounce houses, bumper cars, ziplines and more! Head to their site to learn more.

Every year, the WNL Championships determines the best ninja athletes in the world. Only the best qualify to compete at our Championships and only the best will prevail! 

All athletes registered will compete in the three new discipline circuit events and the Stage 1 of the 3 Stage competition. These incredible events will test the athlete’s technique, efficiency, endurance and ability to perform under pressure. 

This world class competition awards over 20k in prizes and awards. There are also over 600 medals or trophies awarded at this over the course of the weekend. Check back for official rules or continue reading to learn more. 

Season VIII Stats

Total Buzzers Hit
Total Active Course Minutes
Total Course Runs
Total Obstacles Completed

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General Info

The championship features a 3 – Stage Competition where only the best athletes advance to later stages and a Discipline Circuit where all athletes showcase their abilities in ninja’s speed, endurance, and technical disciplines. Continue reading to learn more about the competition and each of it’s individual events.

3 Stage Competition

All athletes will compete on the Stage 1 flow course. However, only the competition’s best athletes will advance to Stages 2 and 3. Athletes hoping to advance can do so by ranking in the top percentage of athletes from their division.

Continue reading more to learn about each event and the different prizes and awards athletes can earn from the Championships.

Discipline Circuit

This season, athletes will experience a new opportunity to showcase their abilities in each of the sport’s disciplines. The new Discipline Circuit will feature highly specialized courses designed to test specific abilities and skills found at ninja competitions. The Discipline Circuit will be replacing the skills events from years prior. The new circuit will still reflect the style, design and disciplines set in years prior but athletes will now experience significant increases in time limits and will start to experience more complex and higher quality events. 

The three Disciplines at this year’s Championships will each feature a different scoring format from one of our three course formats – Flow, Challenge and Full. This scoring change along with the additional time and quality of competition will provide a unique opportunity for athletes to show off the strengths and abilities they have been preparing for the most competitive event in ninja. Continue reading below to learn more about each event in the Discipline Circuit.


Event Details

Stage One

Technique and Efficiency
Flow Course

60% and All Clears

Advancement Rate to Stage 2

Stage 1 is the ultimate test of an athlete’s speed, efficiency, control and technique. This stage will feature an incredibly tight time limit with no room for error. The stage will have a good blend of lower body, foot dexterity obstacles and upper body dynamic campusing movements. Only the most technical ninjas will clear this competitive course.

Historical Data




Avg Clear Rate 2023


Average Time Limit

Stage Two

Technique and Power
Flow Course

70% and All Clears

Advancement Rate to Stage 3

Stage 2 will test the athlete’s power, technique, grip and control. This stage will feature a tight time limit with little room for error. The stage will have a mix of moving with obstacles elements, static and dynamic campusing obstacles and occasional foot dexterity movements.

Historical Data




Avg Clear Rate 2022


Average Time Limit

Stage Three

Grip and Endurance
Flow Course

Final Stage

Stage 3 will test the athlete’s endurance and grip to the max. This stage will focus on efficient rest and muscle recovery. The stage will have a mix of static campusing obstacles, moving with obstacles elements and climbing.

Historical Data




Avg Clear Rate 2022


Average Time Limit

Speed Discipline

Agility and Efficiency Course

All Athletes

Our Speed Discipline puts ninjas’ speed, technique and agility to the test. This skill should feel more like a speed course than a skill! Athletes will run, swing and jump their way through this electrifying event.


Foot Dexterity

Generating Swing

2 mins

Practice Speed and Efficiency Circuits


Tech Discipline

Technique and Difficulty Course

All Athletes

Only the most dedicated athletes master all of the different obstacle techniques and mechanics. The Tech Discipline will have athletes thinking twice before they step up to this skill!




Practice Highly Technical Obstacles


Endurance Discipline

Grip and Endurance Course

All Athletes

Our Endurance Discipline will put athletes through an intense grip circuit that has been engineered to burn you out! This skill will determine the best endurance athletes in the world!


Campusing Movements


2 mins

Practice All Hang Circuits


Format & Prizes

World Champion

The World Champion Bracket tests both the physical and mental strength of the athletes. This bracket uses ninja’s flow course format where athletes scoring is only tracked up to the first obstacle they fail on one of our stages. In this bracket, when an athlete fails to complete a stage they will be eliminated from scoring eligibility in all later stages.


At the end of the competition, athletes will receive an over all ranking in the World Championship bracket based their furthest progress through the Stages before their first fail on any of the Stages. This bracket only applies to the three stages and does not consider course discipline performance.

Strongest Ninja

The Strongest Ninja Bracket tests the athlete’s consistency across all of their performances. This bracket uses a cumulative approach to calculate which athletes performed the best on all events at the competition. In this bracket athletes are eligible to advance to later stages if they remain in the top percent of athletes after all athletes have attempted the current stage*.

Athletes will receive individual placements for every event from the 3 Stage competition and the Discipline Circuit. If an athlete does not compete in a discipline event or is not eligible for a later stage, they will receive one rank below the last place athlete.

Athletes’ Strongest Ninja ranking will be a sum of each of their placements. Athletes will be sorted by lowest total sum of placements. The athletes in each division with the lowest sum of placements will be crowned the WORLD’S STRONGEST NINJA! 

*Advancement rates for each Stage are listed above.

Discipline Circuit Overall

Our discipline circuit tests athletes ability in each of ninjas main disciplines (Speed, Endurance, Tech)! All athletes are automatically enrolled to compete on all three courses in the discipline circuit! Athletes will receive an individual rank from each discipline. The scoring system  will vary depending on the format of the discipline.

Athletes can expect to see each of the three recognized course scoring formats at Worlds: Flow, Full and Challenge. The Flow format tracks athletes progress till they fail. Challenge scoring allows athletes multiple attempts to achieve their best result and Full format tracks athletes individual progress from each obstacle in the course. Read more about course formats on our Course Info page.

After all athletes from a division complete the discipline circuit, athletes will receive an overall discipline circuit ranking based on the sum of the athletes placement from each individual discipline. Athletes will then be sorted by the lowest sum of placements. The athlete with the lowest sum of placements will be the Discipline Circuit Overall champion.

Discipline Circuit Overall medals will be awarded to the top three in each division.

3 Stage Overall

Athletes will receive a ranking for each stage (course). If an athlete fails to advance they will receive one rank below the last place athlete.

Athletes will then receive a sum of placement that reflects their performance across all championship stages. The athlete with the lowest sum of placements will be recognized as the 3 Stage overall champion. 

Individual Medals

The top three athletes who perform the best on any individual stage or discipline will receive a championship medal recognizing best in division for that particular stage or discipline.  

Stats from Season VIII include all courses and skills. Including challenge skills where athletes were allowed multiple attempts.

Disclaimer: This page consists of marketing material intended to present the rules in a reader friendly manner. However, the materials listed here are not intended to substitute the official rules and regulations for the competition. Additionally,  changes or modifications may be made to this page as the event draws near. Please reference the official rulebook for all rule related inquires. 


June 19 10am

We love our global ninja community and are excited to watch the best athletes compete at this year’s Championships from around the World! Our on-site qualifier at Level Up in Thomasville, NC provides an opportunity for any international athlete to come to the States and qualify for this year’s Championships!

There are no fees for international athletes to register. The competition is sponsored by us, the World Ninja League.

This competition will take place June 19 at 10am.

This year we are also inviting staff from our Regionals to qualify to the WNL Championships through Level Up’s on-site qualifier! Staff from any Regional hosting facilities are unable to qualify in their own regions. They are focused on providing the best experience to all athletes in their region. As a result, we have opened the on-site qualifier up for Regional qualified staff from Regional host facilities. 

On-Site Qualifying rules are simple! Complete the On-Site Course and you qualify for this year’s WNL Championships!*

Note: Only athletes with residency outside of the United States & Regionals Qualified Staff may register. 

*Detailed Course rules for the qualifier will be given on-site. Separate registration required to compete in the Championships.

The Championship experience is built for the entire family. Our team packs the venue with exciting opportunities for ninjas to play, hang out and enjoy their experience. This year we are excited to bring back many of last year’s favorite activities and build on the incredible event! 

This year, attendees will find exciting places to play in our Active Zone in addition to some returning fan favorite activities. Continue reading to learn more.   

Active Zone

Previous slide
Next slide

Ninjas are used to playing all day in the gym. This year we are adding 20,000 sqft of space where ninjas can break from the competition and enjoy just being a ninja! That’s the size of four average ninja gyms! Check back for details as the event gets closer.



Square Feet


Available to everyone!

Ninja Tag

Athletes will have the opportunity to chase their fellow ninjas in our new Ninja Tag Arena. Here’s how it will work:

  • Athletes will have 20 seconds to tag their opponent.
  • If the athlete successfully makes a tag they will stay in the arena and try to avoid being tagged by the next athlete in line.
  • If the athlete fails to make a tag they will need to get back in line to try again.

The tag arena will have set times for various age groups. Closer to the event, the schedule will be released so you can see the times available for your athlete.


Think you can out run your fellow ninjas? See how long you can last in the new ninja tag arena!

Trick Station

Tricking has quickly become a major part of the ninja community. Many ninjas take to social media to show off their new wave tech. This year we’ve added a ninja rig outfitted specifically for creating viral content. 

The rig will have all of the latest new wave ninja obstacles from DGS, a professional social media team and Pro Ninjas to help you create the most viral content in ninja history! Sorry Tyler Smith, move over, the ninja trick station is coming for your 34 million views!


Do you have amazing ninja skills? Head to our ninja trick station with some Pro Ninjas to create viral ninja content!

eSports Center

It’s no secret many top ninjas also love video games. This year we partnered with Wicked Reality Gaming to provide a dedicated area where ninjas can challenge their friends, or solo que the latest and most popular games!


Challenge your fellow ninjas and show off your gaming abilities at our new eSports gaming center.

Mini Ninja

It’s easy to get caught up in the exciting atmosphere of our WNL Championships. This year we’ve partnered with Triad Bounce and added a mini inflatable obstacle course to help everyone get in on the action. This 70ft obstacle run is perfect for everyone!


Not ready for the Pro Course yet? Check out our inflatable obstacle course! Perfect for siblings and fans!


This year we’re setting up multiple cornhole sets for athletes and their families. Cornhole is the perfect game for families, teams and parents. This increasingly popular game is easy to pick up and incredibly social.   


Cornhole is the perfect activity for parents looking to enjoy the weekend.

Meet and Greets

Elite Ninjas

Pictured: Jamie Rahn
Ninja Fame

The world’s most talented and recognized ninjas can often be found on the competition floor getting ready to compete for the ultimate prize of Elite World Champion. Every year we schedule meet-and-greet opportunities with the world’s best. This way athletes and fans have the opportunity to meet their heroes after their course runs. Check beck to see which ninjas are booked for meet and greets! 

Historical Data


Featured Ninjas



Historically, the ninja championship has featured the biggest and most innovative products in the community. Attendees can expect to see exciting new obstacles, merch and more from the communities largest gathering of intellectual talent. 

Vendor Inquiry

Vendor spaces are limited. Check the “Get Involved” tab at the top of the page to learn more and submit your vendor application today.

Disclaimer: Information is tentative and subject to change.

Our championships have always been a community effort. Every year, we are proud of all of the hard work staff, vendors, sponsors and volunteers put in to make the World Ninja League Championships an amazing experience. On this page, you will find detailed sections covering how to get involved with the event at any level. If you have additional questions or inquires, please direct them to info@worldninjaleague.org. 


We are looking for the community’s best to help ensure the best possible experience for everyone at this year’s event. We are searching for refs, riggers, course managers and many other support roles.

This year we are offering travel incentives and competitive hourly pay for many of the roles found at the event.

If you are interested in learning more, please complete the staff interest form.


Our Championships always create an electric atmosphere that encourages purchasing and sales. Past vendors have completely sold out of inventory within the opening hours of the event! 

Reach Over 5,000 Attendees

Vendor spaces start at $1000 for the weekend. The spaces are first-come first-serve. Spaces are extremely limited. Please complete the vendor interest form below and someone will contact you.


The WNL Championships can only be made possible by the around-the-clock effort of staff and volunteers. This year we are offering the following incentives to volunteers who work two or more shifts throughout the week.

One Free Spectator Pass

WNL Championships 2024 Volunteer Shirt

Snacks and Refreshments throughout their shifts

Check back to register as a volunteer.

This year’s WNL Championships are looking to be the can’t miss family ninja event of the year! Registered athletes will put their abilities to the test in ninja’s biggest championship events. This exciting weekend is jam packed with high level competition, fun activities and so much more! The competition is an experience your ninja won’t soon forget! Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the ultimate ninja weekend!

All Coaches must purchase their Coaching Registration here! Purchasing a Coach Registration will give you access to the venue during competition hours and will allow us to match you the athletes you are coaching. Matching you to your athletes will ensure you have floor access* when they are on the course!

*Only certified coaches will have floor access.

*Registered Athletes do not need a coaching pass.

All athletes must purchase an Athlete Registration. This year, we will have custom memorabilia only available as add-on items with your registration! Athlete Registration will enroll* athletes to compete in five championship events! Athlete Registration will grant the athlete venue access during competition hours. Registered athletes do not need to purchase a Coaching Pass. 

*Only qualified athletes can register.

Last year we expanded the event to provide more room for spectators! This year we improved the Championships schedule to improve venue flow and crowding for our spectators! 

Purchase your registration asap to ensure you don’t miss your ninja’s WNL Championships performance! 

Limited Quantity available. Spectator registration will grant access to the venue during competition hours! Spectator Tickets will cost ~$10 more at the door.

Interest Form

Our Ninja Championship wouldn’t be possible without the support of amazing community members like you! We appreciate your interested in getting involved.

Please complete the interest form below and our team will be in touch with more information. 

World Ninja League

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