Full Course

Every obstacle counts!

Full courses are the most recent addition to ninja’s course style competitions. In ninja, courses consist of multiple obstacles connected together with start and finish platforms for each obstacle. Athletes competing on a ninja course will attempt to make their way from start platform to finish platform for each obstacle on the given course. Typically ninja courses will have maximum time athletes are able to attempt the course!

Full Course competitions are all about doing all of the obstacles in the entire course as efficiently as possible! Athletes receive difficulty points from each obstacle they complete! The harder the obstacle the more difficulty points they receive! Athletes with the most difficulty points will be ranked the highest! If multiple athletes have the same difficulty points the athlete with the better overall time score will be ranked higher! Overall time score is a point value given on each obstacle an athlete completes. The faster the athlete completes a given obstacle relative to the field the more time points they receive on that obstacle! 

Read a simplified version of how scoring works below.


  • Clear as many obstacles as possible.
  • Athletes receive difficulty points for each obstacle they clear. Difficulty points are based on how hard the obstacle was! The harder the obstacle, the more points you earn!


  • Clear each obstacle as fast as possible.
  • Athletes receive time points for each obstacle they clear. The time points based on how fast the athlete cleared that obstacle relative to the competition! The faster the time, the more points!