What is Ninja?

Ninja is an exciting new style of obstacle course competitions!​

Ninja is one of the fastest growing sports in the world!

Every day, new obstacle facilities pop up around the globe where athletes can visit to practice obstacles or compete in ninja competitions. This exciting new sport challenges athletes’ techniques and conditioning on many different types of obstacles! 

There’s many ways to start your ninja journey, keep reading to learn more!


Obstacle facilities have a wide variety of expert-led classes. Classes are typically divided by skill level and focus on the conditioning and techniques needed for each kind of obstacle!


Many obstacle-focused facilities also offer what is known as open gyms! These sessions typically allow anyone to come in and start learning obstacles. We recommend taking a ninja class first, then using open gym to practice what you’ve learned!


Competitive ninjas like to test their skills and compete in different obstacle competitions. Ninja competitions are similar to other sports’ seasons. Athletes compete regularly with the hopes of qualifying to our Regional and World Championships!


Ninja is one of the most accessible sports around. The sport can be practiced individually with little to no equipment. The first-generation competitive ninjas focused on simple at-home bodyweight exercises to stay competitive! 


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