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Climb to the top of the Ninja Ranks!

Athletes can prove their ninja skills and claim their official title by climbing through our power ranking system. All athletes automatically receive an individual power score that is updated after they compete at any World Ninja League Tier 1 competition. This numerical value reflects the athlete’s performance at competitions. All Tier 1 athletes can rank up by increasing their individual power scores at any Tier 1 competition. Continue reading to learn more or sign-in to your NinjaWorks account to view your current power score.

Earn your title!

Athletes who have competed in five or more Tier 1 competitions this season will see a badge appear next to their name in the competition results. The badge reflects the title and rank the athlete has achieved at that point in the season. There are seven titles that reflect athlete’s current power scores. Each title has four ranks that indicate an athletes progress through the current title. As an athlete’s power score increases they will achieve the next title. Below you will find all seven titles and the power score needed to reach that title. 



An athlete’s power score will increase or decrease after every Tier 1 competition depending on the following factors:
  • The athlete’s performance.
  • Power Scores of athletes at the competition.
  • The scale of the competition (Standard Qualifier, Regional Championship, World Championship).
These factors can vary widely between athletes and athletes may see different power score increases or decreases for similar result placements. The athlete’s score updates using an algorithm based loosely on Chess’ ELO Rating system. The ELO equation has been modified to fit ninja specific competitions. Our system will apply the algorithm to calculate athletes’ new power scores after each competition. Click through the slide show below to learn more about each factor. Hover with your cursor to pause the slideshow:
Athlete's Performance
Athletes who rank higher in competitions will have a better chance of their power score increasing.

Note: The athlete's expected performance will impact the gain or loss from the athlete's original power score. As an athlete's power score increases, the system expects that athlete to place higher. Athletes will gain more points if they are expected to place low but perform well, and athletes will lose more points if they are expected to place well but place lower.
Athletes at Competition
As athletes climb the ranks, they will increase their power scores more by outperforming athletes with higher power scores. Once athletes are highly ranked, they stand to lose more points when they are out performed by athletes with lower power scores.
Scale of Competition
Athletes competing in more significant competitions like a Regional or World Championship can expect to gain or lose more points than at standard qualifying events. The bigger the competition, the higher the stakes!
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For those interested, details of the formula used to calculate the power scores for Tier 1 athletes are available here:


Let a Competition, C, have the following properties: 

CA is the set of athletes that competed in the competition (in a given division) 

CT is the type of the competition. Skills, Traditional, etc. Let an Athlete, A, have the following properties: 

AP is the place of the athlete at a competition. 

AS is the power score of the athlete.

K Value

A Competition’s K value, CK, can be calculated using the following formula where CT is the type of competition:

Change in Power Score

For an athlete, A1, the change in power score, ∆A1S, against an Athlete, A2, with a K value of K is calculated using the following function:

An Athlete’s total change in power score for a competition can be calculated using the following formula:

Season Reset

An Athlete’s new reset power score can be calculated using the following formula:


What is a Power Score?

Power scores are numerical values athletes receive that reflect their relative skill at ninja competitions. 

Do all athletes have a Power Score?

All athletes who have competed in a Tier 1 competition have a Power Score. However, only athletes who have competed at least five times will earn their Title and Rank.

What Power Score do I start with?

Athletes competing for the first time start with a Power Score of 1500. Their Power Score will increase or decrease from there after their first competition.

Athletes who have competed in prior seasons will have their Power Scores re-centered toward 1500 at the start of each season. Learn more under “Why does my Power Score change between seasons?”.

What is the difference between Title and Rank?

There are seven Titles to differentiate athletes current skill level relative to their Power Scores. Each Title has four ranks that reflect an athlete’s progress to the next Title. Ranks are also directly tied to Power Scores.   

Where do I find my Power Score?

Any athlete who has competed in a Tier 1 competition has a Power Score and can view it and their Power Score history via their NinjaWorks account . Ranked athletes can also find their Power Scores on our Power Rankings page.

Why is my athlete showing as "Unranked"?

Athletes receive a Title and Rank after competing in 5 Tier 1 competitions. Waiting 5 competitions will allow athletes adequate time to reach a rank that closely reflects their skill.

Why isn't my athlete's Power Score listed on the league site?
The accuracy of Power Scores increases as athletes compete more times. Therefore, we require athletes to compete 5 times before we publish their Power Score and award a Rank and Title. Any athlete who has competed in at least one Tier 1 competition can find their individual Power Score through their personal NinjaWorks Account.
Why does my Power Score change between seasons?

There are two reasons athletes’ Power Scores will adjust between seasons:

Compression Factor: All athletes will have their power scores adjusted towards our base Power Score of 1500. We do this before the start of each season to account for any skill change between seasons.

Division Change: Athletes who change divisions will have their Power Scores reset. Every time an athlete enters a new division, their Power Score will start at our base of 1500.


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