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Ninja is one of the fastest growing sports in the world!

Every year, more and more athletes find this exciting new obstacle sport! Competing in ninja competitions is great for building confidence, developing a healthy lifestyle and making new friends!

Competing in ninja is as simple and easy as registering for your first competition! This page will help you get started on your competitive ninja journey and ensure you have a great first experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ninja is quickly developing as one of the world’s fasting growing sports. Each year, more and more athletes view ninja as their main sport. Athletes compete because competitions are fun, exciting and challenging. Many athletes hope to prove themselves and qualify for the World Championships.

Anyone can compete in ninja competitions. Athletes coming from other sports may have an easy time transferring their existing skills to success on ninja obstacles. However, we recommend taking a few classes or joining an open gym at a local ninja facility before registering to compete. 

Tier 1 is the most competitive circuit for athletes. The athletes competing in Tier 1 have been competing for several years. 

Tier 2 is for athletes looking to start their competitive journey. The obstacles are more beginner-friendly and the competition is less fierce. 

Yes! We recommend some obstacle experience before registering to compete, but anyone can register! 

Athletes compete in local qualifying competitions throughout the year with the hopes of qualifying to  Regional and World Championship competitions.

We recommend around 12 competitions. This competition schedule will help ensure you have a similar experience to other athletes attending the Regional and World Championships.

No! 12 competitions is average number of competitions athletes compete in. We recommend experiencing a full ninja season. However, athletes with enough talent can qualify to the World Championship through a single special event qualifier!

First Competition Checklist

We recommend going to a ninja gym and experiencing some obstacle specific training before you compete!

All athletes must complete our waiver!

All athletes must have a NinjaWorks ID to register for a competition! This number helps us verify competition results.

Check the three different formats for ninja competitions! Knowing the format differences will help you with the next step!

Now that your waiver is signed, you have your NinjaWorks ID and you know the different formats, it’s time to find a local competition near you!

All ninja coaches must be certified to coach at official World Ninja League qualifying competitions! Anyone can become certified by going through our certification program!


Find an obstacle-focused gym in your area!


Find a competition near you!

World Ninja League

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