Qualifiers are the most frequent and common type of competition you will find in the WNL! As the name implies, these events will qualify the top finishers to Regionals. Both Tier 1 and 2 utilize Qualifiers as the first step in a season before Regionals.

Check below to find a Qualifier near you and see what other awesome benefits these events can bring!

boost your


Competing regularly in local Qualifiers can help ease competition nerves as you progress through the season into larger competitions like Regionals and Worlds. You got this!

perform under


Any ninja athlete will tell you that stepping up onto any starting block is no easy obstacle itself! Qualifiers are incredibly useful in this regard – Just like how competing regularly can help with nerves and confidence, Qualifiers are a great way to practice performing under pressure, akin to a bigger stage like Worlds! 

maintain a healthy


Competing in Qualifiers can help you with maintaining a consistent training schedule while also giving you goals throughout the season!

get to the top of the


Run order at both Regionals and the WNL Championships will be determined in part by the athlete’s regular season standings. Keep competing, improving and racking up those points!

experience your ninja


Local Qualifiers bring your ninja family together! Hang out with your friends and teammates, cheer each other on, and have a great time!

increase your


Competing at qualifiers can help improve your power score and help you earn your Power Rank at the end of the season!

detailed athlete


Thanks to our partners at NinjaWorks, we are able to provide industry-leading timing and scoring for every WNL competition you do! 

Another benefit of NinjaWorks is our Power Ranking system. We use a formula to determine athlete ranks, along with traditional points standings!

Note: Power Ranks are only utilized for Tier 1.

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