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Obstacle Specialists

Obstacles can test a wide variety of conditioning and techniques. Some obstacles test the athlete’s upper body endurance, while other obstacles test their lower body mechanics. While ninja course competitions typically feature a variety of different obstacle types, Skill competitions are able to best highlight specific ninja abilities by taking the obstacles you find in courses and isolating them for a specific challenge. 

Skills format is ninja’s most flexible competitive formats and ranks athletes in a variety of ways! At skills competitions athletes will compete in multiple skill events. Skill events are obstacles or challenges the athlete performs. Each athlete will earn an individual ranking on each skill from the competition. At the end of the competition all of the individual rankings will sum up and the athlete with the lowest sum of placements will win!

Skill Types

Athletes may encounter two different types of skills at competitions. The type of skill refers to how the athlete’s performance will be judged. Challenge skills allow athletes multiple attempts while flow skills will only offer one chance for athletes! 


Challenge skills are all about athlete endurance and ability to adapt! Athletes have a time limit during which they can attempt a skill as many times as they want to continue to improve their ranking.

This skills type is great for complex obstacles where athletes may need multiple attempts. It also suits obstacles where athletes can become more efficient as they get comfortable with the tech or any fun challenging skill!


Flow Skills are all about perfection, as athletes must perform as best as they can in one shot! Athletes will have one opportunity to complete a skill. Once an athlete touches out of bounds, they will not be able to improve their score any more! 

Flow Skills are great to test ninjas’ abilities to adapt to any obstacles they face! They also test ninjas’ abilities to perform under pressure!


There are many different ways to prove your talent on obstacles! Skills categories define four methods for testing an athlete’s performance.  These four categories set the objective for the athlete and determine how a given skill will be scored. All four skills categories can be either of the two skill types.


Complete the given obstacle as many times as possible within the time limit! The more reps you can do, the higher you rank!


Complete as much of the obstacle as you can in the fastest time possible! Athletes are ranked by most progress in the least amount of time!


Repeat the movement as many times as you can before the time is up! You’ll place higher as you complete more reps!


Hold on tight! Longest Time skills challenge athletes’ endurance. The longer they go, the higher they rank!





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