The Tier 1 Regionals are the last stop on the way to the Tier 1 Championships, and this year, they’re more exciting than ever!

Tier 1 Regionals are an incredible display of growth, skill and competitiveness amongst our top athletes of the season. These competitions are a perfect opportunity for athletes to experience a high-intensity competition in a smaller capacity, allowing them to gain confidence coming into the Tier 1 Championships. Meanwhile, families and friends can support their athlete with a custom WNL Banner, which will be on display during the competitions!


Regionals is one of the biggest events in the Tier 1 season, and our format is meant to reflect that.

All Tier 1 Regionals will consist of two courses: a speed course following our Flow Course format and a longer course following our new Challenge Course format. Athletes will receive points based on their placements on each course (1st Place = 1 Point, 2nd Place = 2 Points, etc.) and the best combined score will win the Course Overall title – and the Regional Championship.

At the end of each Regional, 16 athletes (or the top 35%, whichever number is bigger) will qualify for the Tier 1 Championships in each division! 

Check out our locations below to see when and where to compete, as well as where to register for your respective competition!



This year, we have a Tier 1 Regional first!  Our World Ninja League team will handle coordinating the event, designing the courses and running the Northeast Tier 1 Regionals! We’re very thankful for the Movement Lab New Jersey for providing their newly remodeled venue for this competition, and are looking forward to filling it with high-level obstacles and courses that will be great preparation for the Tier 1 Championships!

April 26-28, May 3-5, May 10-12

Hainesport, NJ

new england


Ultimate Obstacles loves to give back to their community, so it’s no wonder they’ve once again chosen to host a Tier 1 Regional! With the New England region being one of our largest, we’re excited to see how UO puts their creative spin on both courses this year. Their consistency in high quality has made them one of the best WNL facilities. You won’t want to miss this incredible event!

May 25-27, May 31-June 2

West Boylston, MA

T1 New England White



Sinai Sports includes a variety of sports outside of Ninja, but make no mistake, they’re among the best Ninja facilities in the world! Providing big space and plenty of obstacles to fill it with, we’re honored and thrilled to have Sinai host a Tier 1 Regional!

May 17-19

Erie, PA

T1 Midwest White



Every time MOTIVE hosts a competition, Brett Sims delivers at least one crazy new obstacle. From introducing Batarangs to last season’s Gear Shift, the team at MOTIVE goes all out. Now, we’ve given them twice the amount of courses to work their magic. We’re sure something awesome will be coming up at this Regional!

May 17-19, 25-27

Greenville, SC

T1 Southeast White

north central


The mightiest of them all, Conquer Ninja is by far one of the most advanced facilities. Complete with adjustable obstacles, this facility is great at creating challenging courses for youth and adult athletes at the same time! With a Tier 1 Regional on the horizon, we can’t wait to see how Conquer Ninja handles the absolutely stacked field!

May 17-19

Rosemount, MN

T1 North Central New White

south central


Austin Ninjas has continuously provided intense competitions for all skills levels for years. Between the Tier 2 Championships and a Premier Series Qualifier, Course Designer Nick Fordney and the rest of the Austin Ninjas team know exactly how to handle a Tier 1 Regional. Known for tricky grabs and deceptively-tough balance obstacles, we can’t wait to see just how big this Texas facility will take it this time around!

May 11-12

Cedar Park, TX

T1 South Central White



Motus Ninjas is a trip through the history of Ninja, all wrapped up in a single building. With Course Designer Donovan Metoyer such a huge fan of the past and present of this sport, obstacles can range from throwbacks to innovative new ideas. How will the styles of old and new blend in this Tier 1 Regional? We’re very excited to see!

May 4-5

Lee's Summit, MO

T1 Heartland White

rocky mountain


If there’s one thing the team at Summit loves doing, it’s going fast. With race course practices and send trains galore on their socials, we’re very confident in their ability to produce an amazing speed course at this Tier 1 Regional! But make no mistake – this is a creative bunch! They’ve taped Quad Steps to the wall to run on before, meaning there’s no limit to the levels of technical prowess you’ll find at this event!

May 18-19

Flagstaff, AZ

T1 Rocky Mtn White



Traverse is known for its massive obstacles, including a 21-foot Warped Wall! With longtime Ninja veterans at the helm, Traverse has, can, and likely will take your favorite obstacles and supersize them. With the creative team at Traverse already cooking, our Southwest athletes are in for a real treat in this Tier 1 Regional. We can’t wait to see how this competition will push everyone to their absolute limit!

May 11-12

Richmond, CA

T1 Southwest New White



This is a Tier 1 Regional you definitely don’t want to miss! Life Force Ninja consistently delivers some of the best competitions out there. Last season, Life Force’s Tier 1 Regional earned them the award of “Best Course Design” out of every World Ninja League competition. We can’t wait to see what stylish, technical, and fun obstacles Life Force brings us once again!

May 4-5

Bellingham, WA

T1 Northwest White

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