Head-To-Head Test Competition to be hosted at Ninja Mania

The league’s next qualifier format might be upon us!

The World Ninja League has always been known to expand the sport of Ninja with exciting new formats such as the Full Course, Challenge Course and Skills formats. Coming on February 17 and 18 will be an opportunity for the sport to continue to grow. Host facility Ninja Mania will be holding a Head To Head test competition. The goal of this event is to get racing added to our ever-growing list of Qualifier Formats.

The event will have two separate competitions. Read below to find out more about each!





The first of two events will be the individual Head To Head competition. Athletes will be seeded into a bracket based off of their Power Scores. From there, the competition will begin with a series of races in a double-elimination bracket. Each race will follow our Challenge Course Format.

With two opportunities to run the course, our athletes will have to adapt quickly and really put the pedal to the medal if they want to win. This process will continue until we have two athletes remaining to race for the championship.

If adopted into the WNL officially, the top three athletes in each competition would qualify for Regionals, just like our other Qualifiers!


The second event is for our Elite Division! The top 10 athletes from the individual competition will be sorted into two equal teams of five to face each other. 

The team with the highest combined Power Score will select an athlete to race first. After that, the other team will select an opponent. The two selected athletes will then race each other, with the winner staying on king-of-the-hill style to race another opponent. This will continue for ten races.

At the end of ten races, whichever team wins more races will win a match. If there is a tie at the end of ten races, each team will select an athlete to compete in a winner-takes-all tiebreaker race. The first team to win two matches will win the overall Team Event.


Click below to register, or keep reading below for more about the Ninja Mania facility and official test competition rulebook!




Below is the official rulebook for the WNL Head-to-Head test competition! In addition to the rules outline below, this test competition will use a slightly modified version of the challenge course format. This updated version will remove the timer pause when an athlete fails to complete an obstacle. Here’s how it will work:

The clock will continue to run for athletes after they fail an obstacle. The athlete must wait for the obstacle reset and hear the ref’s start indicator before they can start their next attempt. The additional time the athlete must wait while the obstacle is being reset will be included in the athlete’s total time at the end of their run.

Any inconsistencies between reset times for different athletes or obstacles will be considered part of the risk/penalty of missing an obstacle. Competition staff will do their best to reset obstacles for all athletes equally and fairly, but reset times can and will likely vary. It may even be possible the time to reset an obstacle may impact the final result.

This variation on the format is being tested at the competition to better support the head-to-head environment and collect feedback on the potential variation.

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