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Piotr Lisiczka, Adults, 2022 World Championships

Join the highest quality ninja network in the world!

Join the highest quality ninja network in the world and become part of the future of the sport! Our goal is to take the sport of ninja to the highest possible level. We dedicate our time and resources to growing the sport from beginner (Tier 2) to professional (Tier 1). Our Tier 2 competitions focus on driving new athletes to the sport. Our WNL rulebook consistently sets the standard for how ninja is regulated around the world. The rulebook has been adapted for many local leagues and organizations. Finally, we are dedicated to bringing a professional avenue for elite ninjas to compete at the highest level of the sport.

Joining our network will automatically connect your facility to the leaders in ninja. Our team will help drive athletes to your competition but most importantly we take feedback from our facilities very seriously. We want to grow the sport together with our community! Joining the WNL will give you a voice in the direction our sport grows.

Facilities FAQ

WNL facilities are eligible to host qualifying events for Tier 1 and 2 competitions.

The World Ninja League is the premier obstacle competition league of one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. WNL competitions regularly draw the largest competitive fields in the sport, with many of our qualifiers hosting upwards of 200 competitors across all age divisions. These athletes are among the top athletes in the sport, and our World Championships draw most of the top ninjas in the world. As a growing sport, we regularly reach out to our facilities to help improve the rules of our sport. We firmly believe that WNL-affiliated facilities are the best of the best in the ninja community, and we believe that the only way for us to grow is for our facilities to be prosperous as well.

Facilities will receive:

  • Access to the NinjaWorks system to record your event results for live output on our website
  • Camera equipment for recording your events and your livestream, which will be shipped to the next facility in your region
  • A communication line with your regional manager to guide you through the event-hosting process
  • Access to our gym resources page with our rules and video explanations
  • Use of WNL branding for merchandising

Facilities are allowed to host only Tier 1 events, only Tier 2 events, or both. Additionally, you are allowed to host competitions for adults only, youth only, or both. This can also vary by competition (i.e. you would be allowed to host one competition for youth only and another for both youth and adults).

Facilities may become Tier 2-specific facilities. Facilities that apply for full WNL status may be accepted only as Tier 2 with the option of becoming a Tier 1 facility after hosting a successful Tier 2 event.

That’s ok! We still encourage you to apply anyway. There are a few ways you can go about hosting a WNL event without having previously hosted an event at your facility:

  1. If you or a staff member has hosted or worked a competition at a different facility, that may suffice for event history! Be sure to list any previous competitions your staff members have been a part of on your application.
  2. If you’re brand new to hosting competitions, you can have a current WNL event coordinator help you run your first event. They should be responsible for duties such as registration, assisting with course design, and being a primary contact for the event. They will also need to physically be present at the event to assist as necessary.
  3. If all else fails, you can host an independent competition to gain experience. You are welcome to apply beforehand, and as long as you pass the other four categories (see below), we’ll keep your application on file until your event occurs. After the event, we’ll check in for a report, and as long as everything goes smoothly, you should be all set on event history.
  4. Note that you may be eligible to host a Tier 2 WNL event as your first competition.

Facilities that are part of a franchise will have to apply at each individual location. While we certainly encourage you to apply at each location in order to help grow your ninja program, franchises are not required to be NNL members at every facility. Additionally, facilities that are members of a franchise, but are not themselves NNL facilities, are allowed to be members of non-approved organizations.

Submit the following three items to

  1. The completed application form, attached below
  2. Several pictures of your obstacles, demonstrating structural integrity and ample padding
  3. Two videos, one of an adult course and one of a youth course. (detailed obstacle descriptions are not required; we’re mainly interested in obstacle variety, course flow, and proper safety precautions.)

Your application will then be scored by a review team on five criteria:

  1. Equipment structure and maintenance
  2. Obstacle variety
  3. Event history
  4. Safety and padding
  5. Overall appearance and professionalism

Your application must pass all five categories to gain admission to the league. If you fail to meet the criteria in any category, you are welcome to reapply after improving your operation. In some cases, we may keep your application on file and allow you to improve a minor concern without having to reapply.

There is no fee to apply or join the World Ninja League.

World Ninja League

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