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Ninja is an exciting new obstacle sport!

In ninja, athletes train obstacles specific techniques and focus on body weight conditioning to improve their ability to complete various obstacles! Athletes can train from home or find a local ninja facility.

At a ninja facility, athletes will find obstacles that range from very easy to very hard. Athletes will also encounter expert coaches and practitioners. These experts can help anyone get started with obstacle training! There are many safe and progressive ways to easily start learning different obstacles. You may be surprised to see how easy and fun some of the obstacles can be! 

Ninja facilities typically offer athletes two ways to get involved with their program, classes and open gyms.

We’ve outlined the two ways below to help you decide which is right for you!



Ninja facilities offer group training classes for all ages and skill levels. These classes are typically lead by a certified coach. Your coach should be trained in different progressions to help you have fun and reach your obstacle goals! In a typical class, athletes will have some body weight conditioning and some obstacle-specific technique training. The length of the class may vary, but an average class time is 45 mins to an hour.


Some ninja facilities offer open gym sessions. Open gym sessions typically do not offer any formal obstacle training or tips. Instead, athletes are able to attempt different obstacles at their own pace. Open gyms are typically a great way for athletes to practice the skills and techniques learned during their ninja class. We recommend trying a ninja class before an open gym if you don’t have any prior obstacle experience. 


No, obstacle training is a great way to get in shape! Obstacles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and difficulty. Beginners will find easier obstacles at facilities, similar to finding lighter weights at a more traditional gym.

The first step is to find an obstacle-focused ninja facility in your area! Use our Facilities Page to find a facility near you!

We recommend workout clothes, such as shorts, sweatpants and a T-shirt. Closed-toe shoes are also a must, regular athletic shoes should do just fine!

Ninja obstacles often require athletes to hang from only their hands. This can be challenging when starting out! Gloves can provide a little extra support for the skin on your hands. However, this comes at a cost. Wearing gloves will reduce your awareness of your grip and may lead to you slipping off an obstacle.

We strongly recommend leaving the gloves at home and being cautious on your first few trips to avoid any rips or tears on your hands. 

Ninja facilities offer a wide variety of fall matting and safety equipment to ensure your obstacle training is as safe as possible.  Training ninja can be done safely. However, there is always the risk of serious injury. We recommend finding an expert coach and progressing at a steady pace to minimize your risk of injury.  

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