Flow Course

Perfection is key!

Flow courses are one of ninja’s two course style competitions. Ninja courses are a series of obstacles placed together with landing platforms in between. Athletes must make their way through the obstacles from landing platform to landing platform without touching anything considered out of bounds! Course designers create courses for competitions and will typically design their course based on the age and skill level of the athletes that are competing!  

Flow Courses are all about perfection! Athletes are judged by their ability to make it through obstacles in a given course and get from platform to platform without falling off the obstacle! Once an athlete fall off an obstacle that is it! In this format athletes are ranked by the number of obstacles they complete in secession. If multiple athletes are tied for the same number obstacles in succession the athlete who was to complete those obstacles faster will be ranked higher!

Read a simplified version of how scoring works below.



  • Clear obstacles in succession.
  • Athletes receive one point for each obstacle they clear before their first missed obstacle. This is the traditional ninja format!


  • Manage time to get lowest possible overall time.
  • The athlete’s time is tracked from when they start till their last completed obstacle. Their total elapsed time on those completed obstacles will be ranked from fastest to slowest!