Historic NinjaFemme Is The WNL’s Next Special Event Qualifier

March will be the ladies’ time to shine.

Just last year, Ninja competitor and coach Megan Budway shared her vision for an all-female Ninja competition. The idea grew into NinjaFemme, a competition hosted at Obstacle Ninja Academy that spotlights and celebrates the women in our sport.

This year, on March 16 and 17, NinjaFemme is back at ONA in an even bigger fashion as our next Special Event Qualifier! Female Ninjas of all ages and skill levels are invited to compete for a chance to both show off their skills in an environment made for them, as well as qualify directly to the Tier 1 World Ninja League Championships.

NinjaFemme will follow its own format, with two Stages for everyone and a Third Stage for the Elite Division. For every obstacle you clear, you earn a point! Whichever athletes have the most points at the end of all Stages will be crowned the Champions of Ninja Femme. If there is a tie in points, time will be the tiebreaker. The top three in each division will lock in spots to the WNL Tier 1 Championships, and their own cut of the $2500 prize money!

NinjaFemme would not be possible without Ninja Like A Girl, a regular event at ONA meant to create a safe space for women to train and meet other women with the same interests. There’s no conditions on which women can join Ninja Like A Girl: newer and more experienced athletes of all ages can choose to show up. 

The next Ninja Like A Girl event is on March 15, right before NinjaFemme. The event is one of the most popular at ONA, and it’s because of the success of Ninja Like A Girl that NinjaFemme could become a reality. With professional Ninja coaches leading the session and a mental health professional speaking as well, Ninja Like A Girl is the perfect way to kick off the NinjaFemme weekend. 

Pro Ninjas Taylor Johnson and Rachel Degutz will be attending Ninja Like A Girl, as well as two-time WNL Champion Olivia Lopez. The best part? Ninja Like A Girl will be free for all NinjaFemme competitors.
The World Ninja League can’t wait to celebrate the progression of women in the sport of Ninja with this year’s NinjaFemme competition. You can catch all the action live on the Obstacle Ninja Academy YouTube and register for the main event here!

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