Coaching Certification

Coaches play a vital role in our athletes' lives.

Coaches help athletes as they prepare for new challenges. Coaches are also there for athletes as they learn to manage their emotions through victory and defeat. Good coaches can have a positive impact on our athletes’ lives. Our coaching program establishes the expert knowledge coaches need to help athletes achieve their goals. Additionally, it extends beyond the course to ensure our athletes have the best experience while competing in ninja.

We offer three different levels of coaching certification. Our Floor Cert is our entry level certification. This program focuses primarily on abuse prevention and understanding the fundamentals of ninja. Our assistant and head instructor certifications dive deeper into conditioning, obstacle techniques and class management required to be an effective obstacle coach.

Each program builds on the knowledge gained from the prior certification. The programs must be completed in order. All three certifications can be completed online. 

Continue reading to learn more about each.

Floor Certification

Our floor coaching certification is our entry level certification. This certification will take you through our abuse prevention training, background screening and introduce you the basic rules and structures for competitions. This certification is require to coach at any of our ninja competitions. 

To get started coaches must access the Floor Certification training materials by purchasing the Floor Certification membership below. Returning coaches have been sent an access code that provides them a discount when registering for new training materials. After purchasing the Floor Certification memberships coaches will find access to their training materials on their account page

Coaches seeking their floor certifications will need to make additional purchases to complete the requirements for background checks and abuse prevention training. Each of the additional purchases can be found below along with an approximate price for each step. 

NOTE: Coaches must be 13 years old at the time of certification.


WNL training and exam – $30 for new coaches, discount for recertifying each year

– Additional costs to third-party companies (current pricing, which is set by those companies so subject to change):
– Background check through SportsEngine (links in the WNL training pages): $25.50 for US residents (good for 4 years), $155 for international residents (good for 10 years)
– Abuse Prevention Training from SafeSport (link in the WNL training pages): $19 (discounts when recertifying)


No, our floor certification is our entry level program. No background knowledge is necessary. This program focuses primarily on abuse prevention and teaching the fundamental rules for ninja. 

Yes, we require anyone entering the competition floor to complete the ninja floor certification. This helps ensure the safety of our community. It also also ensures anyone on the floor has the base level of knowledge needed before entering a competition floor.

Yes, the floor certification is required for everyone. It is important we know the individuals on the floor have the knowledge needed to ensure a safe and productive competition for everyone in attendance. 

No, we require our coaches to take a yearly re-certification exam. This process helps ensure our coaches our up to speed on our current rules and policies before attending a competition. There is a small fee associated with the re-certification process.

Additionally, we require our coaches to complete abuse prevention training and submit additional background screens every 4 years.   

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