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The World Ninja League Season IX Tier 1 Championships are just around the corner, and the world’s best Ninjas are gathering at the Greensboro Coliseum for the biggest event in the history of Ninja. With so many headliners attending, here are the competitors you can expect to see on each day of the event. You can watch them in person by purchasing a Spectator Pass at the door or watching online on the WNL YouTube.

World Ninja League 2023 in Greensboro, NC
World Ninja League 2023 in Greensboro, NC

Friday, June 21 (Adult Female, Young Adult Female, Elite Female, Elite Male, Mature Kids Female, Preteen Female)

The first day of competition features some of the largest divisions in size, and will also crown our first World Champions of the weekend. The Adult Female and Young Adult Female competitors will take on all 3 Stages on Friday, resulting in World Champions in both divisions. Daniella Blanchard, who finished 3rd place at the Premier Series Finals, will face off against notable Ninja names such as Mary Leighton, Hannah Mees, and Hong Kong powerhouse Summer Wong! 

Meanwhile, the Young Adult Female division will feature Canadian champion Nora Brown-John, who will compete against Australian breakout Abbey Cutts and notable heavyweights KC Griffith, Sayda Magtoto, and Lorelei Camilleri! Be sure to tune in as these athletes and more face all 3 Stages in one day!

Kinsie Carvin shares the headline for the Preteen Female division, with Malone Canter and Ryley Hunt also ready to throw their bids in for the title. Meanwhile, after winning World Champion and Premier Series Finals last year, Meghan Moore is ready to continue her hot streak and go back-to-back in the Mature Kids Female division. Will she place another title under her belt?

Finally, the Elites will take to Stage 1 on Friday. Returning from an injury, Season VIII World Champion Addy Herman will attempt to defend her title. Hot on her heels are two-time Champion Isabella Wakeham and Premier Series Champion Abby Clark, both of which cleared Stage 1 last year alongside Herman. Will any of them win it all this year, or will rising stars Corinne Capriotti and Grace Gordon take over?

The Elite Males will feature the four most recent World Champions: Joe Moravsky, Jay Lewis, Caleb Bergstrom, and Tyler Smith. Smith notably became the first Elite to clear all 3 Stages at last year’s Championships, and he’s looking to do it again. However, this division has so many heavy-hitters that anyone could take the title. You won’t want to miss these incredible runs!

Saturday, June 22 (Elite Female, Elite Male, Mature Kids Female, Preteen Female, Young Adult Male, Masters Female, Teen Male, Mature Kids Male)

We’re dialing up the action on Saturday, with four new World Champions being crowned in the Elite Female, Elite Male, Mature Kids Female, and Preteen Female divisions. Be sure to join their Stage 2 and 3 runs in the most convenient manner for you!

The Teen Male and Young Adult Male divisions are amongst some of the fiercest when it comes to competition. The Young Adult Male roster features big names such as Christian Hart, Rory Jago, Arthur Messean, and Ryan Harsha. The Teen Males, on the other hand, have Blake Hohn, Luc Kemmerer, and Nick Warren. However, eyes are on Charlie Ball and Alex Ascone, the incredible Preteen-turned-Teen athletes who are ready to take the win in a new division.

Jennifer Bryant will continue to inspire a new generation in the Masters Female division, squaring off against Solymar Benitez and other amazing Masters athletes. On the younger side of the athlete pool, Anthony DeSimone will fight for the Mature Kids Male title against the likes of Caelin Kaminski and Judah Bostic. We can’t wait to see how all of our athletes fare on Stage 1 on Saturday!

World Ninja League 2023 in Greensboro, NC

Sunday, June 23 (Teen Male, Teen Female, Young Adult Male, Masters Female, Mature Kids Male, Preteen Male, Kids Male, Kids Female)

As the halfway point passes by on the World Championships, Sunday crowns four new World Champions in the Teen Male, Young Adult Male, Masters Female, and Mature Kids Male divisions. Additionally, the Teen Female division will run all 3 Stages and crown a winner all in one day! Could the Champion be favorite Kherington Andrews, or will other standouts such as Akshara Pappu and Grace Carr challenge her claim to the win? Be sure to tune in and find out!

Meanwhile, the Preteen Male division is a clash of the titans, as star Aidan Collins faces off against the Israeli Twins Itamar and Ariel Efrat, who are ranked the top 2 in Israel.

The Kids Male and Female divisions also kick off on Sunday, with hundreds of incredible athletes in both divisions. Kids Male will feature Cyrus Said, Angel Vega, and Easton Fletcher. The Kids Female field will spotlight teammates Emily Wilkes and Ariana Merchant, but with over a hundred other competitors in the field, anyone could become World Champion!

Monday, June 24 (Preteen Male, Kids Male, Kids Female, Adult Male, Masters Male)

With the final day of Worlds upon us, the Preteen Male, Kids Male, and Kids Female divisions all finish up their runs and crown three new World Champions. However, there’s still two more divisions left to run.

Meanwhile, Henry Katrek is looking to defend his Adult Male title against the likes of German competitor Frank Schmidtpeter and Israeli legend Adam Malki. With competitors from all around the world vying for the Championship, it’s anyone’s game.

In the Masters Male division, Brian Rambo is looking to defend his title from last year, but this division is no slouch. With athletes such as Bootie Cothran, TJ Rehak, and Chris Warnky, the Masters Male division is sure to be an epic battle.

Both the Adult and Masters Male divisions will run all 3 Stages on Monday. You can catch all the action on the World Ninja League YouTube June 21-24! 

World Ninja League 2023 in Greensboro, NC

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