Power Rankings: What You Need to Know

Find out where you stack up amongst your fellow Ninjas!

As Season Eight of the World Ninja League picks up speed, our WNL specialists have developed a power ranking system! With the Power Rankings, you, the athletes, get to view how you stack up against your fellow Ninjas. Here’s how it works.

How Does It Work?

Everyone is given a starting Power Score of 1500. With every Tier 1 Competition you compete in, your score will change. It can either increase or decrease depending on your own result in the competitions!

Just keep in mind that you have to do at least five Tier 1 Competitions to receive a rank!

How Does This Help?

To put it simply, Power Rankings are so you can track your own progress throughout the season. Everyone in Ninja has good days and bad days. These don’t define us; consistency does. Your Power Score lets you check your consistency and participate in multiple WNL Competitions!

What would the benefit be? Well, the more you compete, the more accurate your Power Score becomes. Your average of all competitions will become much more specific. Plus, the more you compete, the more you can…

Gain Titles As You Level Up!

With a starting score of 1500, all athletes have the Rank of Gold 4, which is pretty high! The higher your score goes, you can earn Titles such as “Elite,” “Pro” and “Champion.” At the end of it all is the highest rank of “Grand Champion.” 

How cool is it to be able to walk into the 2023 World Championships saying you’re a Grand Champion? 

Where Can I Learn More?
For more information on how Power Scores and Rankings are determined, visit this page. You will also be able to view your Power Score via NinjaWorks.

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