The World Ninja League is proud to announce our new Premier Series. The Premier Series will feature the top 25% of athletes from around the globe. This series will push athletes to their limits, challenging them on courses designed by the best course designers, featuring the most insane new obstacles. The World Ninja League Premier Series is the ultimate test of strength, speed, and agility, and promises to be the hottest ninja competition of the summer. 

Every week, the competition series will be in a different corner of the globe, searching for the top athletes to qualify for the Premier Series Finals happening this fall. This Premier Series is not just another obstacle course competition – it’s a showcase of the world’s best athletes, competing on the toughest courses and pushing the limits of what is possible.

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The Premier Series is an elite competition series for all ages! The World Ninja League is super excited to announce that all 8 of our age divisions will qualify athletes to compete within the Premier Series. 

Here’s how the current WNL age divisions will qualify to the various divisions hosted at Premier Series competitions:

Kids – 6-8
Mature Kids – 9 & 10
Preteen – 11 & 12
Teen – 13 & 14
Young Adults, Adults, Masters – Amateur 15+
Elite – 15+

Athletes age will be determined by the athletes age on Jan 1, 2023. This is the same cutoff as the World Ninja League’s Season 8.


Premier Series competitions seek to showcase the best athletes in the ninja community. This exciting new series will only be open to a select group of elite athletes. Focusing on this elite field will provide top ninjas the platform they need to promote their abilities. Top athletes will be invited to attend based on their performance across various ninja competitions.

Here are the various methods the series will use to invite athletes to compete in the most competitive ninja series in the world! 


Athletes who finish in the top 25% of their division from the athletes in their region in this year’s home region standings will be invited to compete in this year’s Premier Series. Invitations are exclusive to athletes in the top 25%. 


Athletes who finish in the top 25% of their division when compared to the other athletes competing from their region at this year’s Tier 1 World Championship will be invited to compete in this year’s Premier Series. Invitations will be exclusive to athletes in the top 25%. This is true even if the athletes in the top 25% have previously been invited because they were in the top 25% of their home region standings.

Joe Moravsky World Ninja League


The World Ninja League is teaming up with various leagues and organizations worldwide to ensure the top athletes from each corner of the globe are eligible to compete. Elite athletes across all age divisions may receive invitations to compete based on recommendations from host facilities, national governing bodies and other similar organizations. 



Invited athletes may attend more then one Premier Series Competition. Invited athletes may attend any competition in the series. 

An athlete’s eligibility for the Premier Series is determined by the division they competed in during Season 8 or the division they were invited to compete in.


The Premier Series facilities feature some of our communities most creative course designers. These elite level facilities have hosted some of the most exciting competitions in world. Each facility is excited to provide athletes and fans with the best ninja experience they can offer! 

Motive Movement Premier Series
Premier Series Austin Ninjas Ninja Competition Schedule

More Info!

The Premier Series launch has been a massive global undertaking. The World Ninja League has spent months planning, testing and coordinating with global leaders in the sport to ensure the series was designed to best highlight the sport. Today’s launch is only the tip of the iceberg. World Ninja League and its partners will continue to release exciting details about the Premier Series in the coming months. Athletes and fans can anticipate information regarding format, prizes and specific livestream schedules in these upcoming announcements. 



Join the World Ninja League tonight (4/6) at 8:15 pm EST to watch our Gauntlet Season 2 Pro Tournament. Our team will be watching the launch with athletes and fans as well as fielding questions from the live chat. 

Our team is excited to answer questions you may have but note we will only be able to answer questions pertaining to today’s launch information! We will not be able to share any spoilers about information let to be released!

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