Austin Ninjas hosts first Tier 2 World Championships

Ninja Beginners from the United States and Germany came to battle it out for the first time.

With the World Ninja League Tier 1 Championships becoming a staple competition for the WNL, the time came to give more Ninjas the opportunity to get on the big stage. Thus on April 1 and 2, Austin Ninjas Cedar Park hosted the first ever Tier 2 Championships.

Originally derived from the former Recreational Ninja League, Tier 2 started this season. The division allowed Ninjas just getting into the sport to compete against others at their skill level. With five active regions and countless qualifiers, 194 athletes came to Austin for a shot at the title of Tier 2 Champion.

The Tier 2 Championships consisted of a Flow Course, Full Course and two Skills. Placements in each event would earn athletes points. First place would earn one point, second place would earn two, and so on. The best score a competitor could have was four, and it was only possible by winning every single event of the day.

Out of the 14 division champions, four managed to sweep by winning all four events: Campbell Brown (Teen Female), Nicola Wulf (Young Adult Female), Shana Polasek (Adult Female) and Natasha Jaskiewicz (Masters Female). Other Champions with near sweeps include Emily Wilkes (Kids Female) and Fergus Dowling (Adult Male).

Many awards were passed out at the event. Medals were awarded to those who earned podium positions in each event, the overall course average (Flow/Full Course score) and the overall skill average (score of both Skills Challenges). Finally, the top three overall in each division earned trophies and qualified for the Tier 1 Championships.

We’ll see if these Tier 2 athletes will show up to test their skill in the Tier 1 Championships on June 23-25 at the Greensboro Coliseum.

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