Premier Series Format

Introducing a new elite competition format!

The World Ninja League is thrilled to introduce the format for our new Premier Series!

 This new format, will revolutionize the way we watch and experience Ninja Competition.

Our Premier Series format includes a placement course that will seeds the run order for the following course, maximizing the excitement and intensity of run order. 

But that’s not all, the Premier Series format also features an exciting challenge course that will test the limits of even the most skilled ninjas.

With this new format, the WNL is raising the bar for ninja athletes and creating a thrilling new experience for fans around the world.

Placement Course

Challenge Course

The placement course is a preliminary course designed to determine the run order for the longer, more intense course.

On this course, ninjas are timed and ranked based on their performance using the WNL’s flow course format, and the results are used to determine their starting position in the subsequent challenge course.

The better a runner performs on the placement course, the more advantageous their starting position will be in the main event.

This type of course will be designed to test a ninja’s endurance and features a course style that is similar to the endurance mini course/skill featured at the  World Championship.

The placement course is a critical component of the Premier Series Format!

The challenge course is the centerpiece of any Premier Series Qualifier, designed to test the endurance and agility of the world’s best Ninja Athletes.

Athletes will have the opportunity to run the course once, with two retry attempts allowed throughout their attempt.

However, if an athlete fails an obstacle, they will only be allowed to use one retry attempt on that particular obstacle.

An athlete’s overall time on the course is measured, accounting for any pauses taken during retry attempts. The course will be reset for each retry attempt, and the timer will be paused during rest. Once the ref gives their countdown (signaling the course is reset) the timer resumes, ensuring a fair and consistent experience for all runners.

The course is designed with obstacles that require skill and strategy to navigate, and the challenge is heightened by the limited number of retry attempts.

Challenge Course Features

2 obstacle retry attempts

Paused timer during obstacle reset

1 obstacle retry attempt per obstacle


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