Worlds Prep Competitions Launch Soon!

Gain extra experience before the big event!

The World Ninja League Tier 1 Championships are set to occur on June 21-24 at the Greensboro Coliseum. With three Stages and 3 Discipline Circuits ahead of our athletes, the next step in preparation for the main event has arrived in the form of Official Worlds Prep Competitions. The goal of these competitions is to present athletes with an experience that simulates the pacing and overall environment of the Tier 1 Championships prior to the main event.

These competitions are open and available to anyone! Multiple WNL Facilities have already scheduled to host these competitions between the dates of June 7-16. All athletes interested can compete, regardless of whether or not they have qualified for the Tier 1 Championships. 

These Prep Competitions will consist of three courses. Each course will follow a different format, those being the Flow, Full, and Challenge Course formats. The best athletes across all three courses will determine the winners in each division. Season points will also be available at these Prep Competitions, making these an invaluable opportunity to adjust their place in the run order before the Tier 1 Championships take place. 

This increase in season points can improve an athlete’s position in the season standings. If this happens, the athlete(s) who qualified for the Tier 1 Championships via the regular season standings will remain qualified. However, their run order placement from the season standings will reflect their run order placement in the season standings after any points earned at Worlds Prep Competitions are taken into account.

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Most importantly, the World Ninja League will donate four dollars per every athlete who registers for a prep competition to Neighborhood Ninjas! Neighborhood Ninjas is a non-profit organization who has always prioritized giving back to the community with gifts such as scholarship opportunities and a new Ninja Playground to make the sport of Ninja accessible to everyone. We’re honored to be able to contribute to their mission with these Prep Competitions!

There are currently 4 Prep Competitions scheduled so far. June 7-9 will have Centercourt Lawrence hosting in the Northeast while Empire Ninja hosts in New England. Jordan Warriors will also be hosting a Prep Competition in New England on June 8-9. Finally, Brooklyn Ninja Academy will host a Northeast Prep Competition June 15-16.

More competitions are to come! Be sure to check the World Ninja League Website for updates on when Prep Competitions are added to the Season IX Schedule!

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