Regionals And Worlds Prep Comps Will Boost Season Standings

Scores all across the board are up for grabs!

This season, the World Ninja League is offering Tier 1 Regionals consisting of two courses, as well as Worlds Prep Competitions with three courses. With so many obstacles to be cleared and so many opportunities to gain experience before our Tier 1 Championships, we are excited to provide more points to athletes who participate in these events!


will be awarded!

Regionals and Prep Competitions will now boost the score of our athletes in numerous avenues, beginning with the Season Points. Points will now be provided to athletes the same way they have been throughout Qualifiers, and the official Comp Count of athletes attending Regionals will increase by one. 

First place will receive 10 points, second will receive 9, and so on. In the event of a tie between both courses in a Regional, the tie will be broken based on who performs better on the Challenge Course, and the higher point value will be given to that athlete.

It must be noted that this does not affect who qualifies for the Tier 1 Championships based off of regular season points. However, points awarded at Regionals and Prep Competitions will affect the run order of the Tier 1 Championships.


points are up for grabs!

Regionals will also serve as an opportunity for athletes to increase their Power Scores in a significant way. Athletes will have the ability to increase their Power Score twice as much as they would in a standard Qualifier if they perform well. On the other hand, if an athlete falls short of their expected results at Regionals, their Power Score will only decrease the same amount as it would in standard Qualifiers.

With this addition, we’ve doubled the reward for Power Score for Regionals and Prep Competitions while keeping the risk the same. Athletes who complete the full season, including Regionals, will then receive their Power Rank Badges when they register for the Tier 1 Championships. As a reminder, a “full season” in the WNL is 12 competitions or more, as the end-of-season Power Rank for Power Badges is determined by the 12 best performances given by an athlete in-season. We can’t wait to see how many athletes go up in the Standings ahead of the Championships!

The chance to alter your spot in the run order for the Tier 1 Championships still stands, so be sure to find the nearest Regional and Prep Competition near you and give it your all!

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