This is your official World Ninja League Championships guide!

Below you will find a lot of information that will help you plan for your excitement filled weekend.

Please take the time to read through everything and, as always, feel free to email the team at info@worldninjaleague.org if you have any questions or concerns.

If you need immediate help during the event, please visit the Info Hub. 

Good luck to all of our athletes competing! The WNL Staff is so excited to see you all soon! Safe Travels, and Happy Worlds!


Venue Entrance

When you arrive at the Greensboro Coliseum venue complex, please follow the signs for the Special Events Center. The main (center) entrance will be the entrance closest to the start of the line for registration. This year will be in both Hall C and Hall B!

Spectator Tickets and Wristbands

If you need to purchase spectator tickets in person, please visit the Box Office at the venue. The price is ~$50 at the Box Office. If you are in town early, we encourage you to do this during their normal business hours. Spectators must use their ticket to get a wristband that allows re-entry into the facility.

Early Registration

Are you arriving into town early? Athletes, coaches, and spectators may pick up their wristbands at Level Up during their open gyms. Swag items will still need to be picked up at the venue. Please see the website for additional information and times! 

On-site Registration

There will be three separate lines for registration: Wristband Only, Swag, and Priority (Friday Athletes & Coaches Only). The Wristband Only line is for all athletes, coaches, and spectators to receive their wristbands to enter the facility. The Swag line is for athletes, coaches, and spectators to pick up any swag items that were pre-purchased (including all finalist shirts). The Priority Line will be for only athletes and coaches competing or coaching in the first wave on Friday Evening, this line will be issuing wristbands only!

This year lines have been separated to ensure that all of our athletes gain access to the venue as quickly as possible. Swag lines will be available throughout the weekend to receive all additional items purchased during registration. Lines throughout the weekend for swag will shorten creating a faster pick up experience!

The Wristband Only line is a single line that funnels everyone to the next available person. We have several people dedicated to helping this line run quickly. When you reach the end of the line, please pause and wait for the next available person to call you to their station. 

Opening Ceremony

We are extremely excited to be kicking off the event with an Opening Ceremony. The Opening Ceremony will begin promptly at 4:45 pm on Friday, June 23rd. The Opening Ceremony will include some opening remarks, the national anthem, recognition of our amazing teams and athletes, and our presentation of the Season VIII Awards like Best Coach, and Best Course Design!


All athletes are guaranteed 4 additional Championship Events in the skills competition. All athletes have been pre-registered for the Skills events, and the run order and schedule for Skills can be found on the WNL Site!

During the Skills Competition, athletes may NOT leave their bags unattended. Athlete bags/belongings must travel with the athlete and exit with them. Athletes will NOT be allowed back in the skills area to retrieve lost items. 



All skills will be Challenge Skills – Fastest Completion. Athletes may make multiple attempts within the time limit. To start another attempt, the athlete must return to the starting platform and wait for the new countdown. An athletes fastest attempt will be used for scoring.

Video Rules

A walkthrough video of the skills and rules will be released on Friday afternoon. There will be no in-person skills walkthrough or rules. Athletes are expected to learn the skills rules through the video and show up ready to compete. 

Skills Check In

Athletes will go to the Skills Check In tables 60 mins before their wave start time to check in for their skill (except for the very first wave on Friday who will go to the Skills Check In table 30 mins before).

Obstacle Grip

Our Obstacle Grip Skill will put athletes through an intense grip endurance circuit that has been engineered to burn you out! This skill will determine the best endurance athletes in the world!

Obstacle Dash

Our Obstacle Dash Skill puts each ninja’s speed, technique and agility to the test. This skill should feel more like a speed course than a skill! Athletes will run, swing and jump their way through this electricfying event.

Obstacle Power

Obstacle Power : The sport of ninja features some incredibly explosive movements. Our Obstacle Power Skill will decide who the most powerful ninjas are. 

Obstacle Tech

Only the most dedicated athletes master all of the different obstacle techniques and Mechanics. The Obstacle Tech Skill will have athletes thinking twice before they step up to this skill. 


All athletes are scheduled for the Stage 1 course. The run order and schedule are on the website. Athletes may become eligible for Stage 2 and Stage 3 runs after their performance on Stage 1.


Video Rules

A walkthrough video of the course and rules will be released on Friday afternoon. There will be no in-person course walkthrough or rules for Stage 1. Athletes are expected to learn the course and rules through the video and show up ready to compete. 

Coaching Lane + Coaching Portal

There is a designated coaching lane that surrounds each course. Each athlete will be allowed 1 coach in this lane during their course run. They will follow the lane around the course as the athlete progresses and exit when they reach the end. Athletes must designate their coach ahead of time using our coaching portal. Athletes may switch their designated coach at any time through the portal. Submitting a new entry overrides the previous entry. 

Course Check In

Athletes will go to the Course Check In tables 30 mins before their wave start time to check in for their course. 

Helpful Information

Rule Highlights

  1. Buzzer: It is the responsibility of the athlete to set off the buzzer. If the athlete “hits” the buzzer but it does not go off, it will not count. The best practice is a firm, solid press in the center of the red button. However, an athlete will not be disqualified for the path taken to the buzzer after they have completed the 3 Stage Completion for the last obstacle.
  2. Ref Reaction Time: The amount of time it takes for the ref to react and award clears or stop the time using the NinjaWorks remote is part of the scoring. If an athlete cuts it so close that the ref cannot react fast enough using the NinjaWorks remote before the time expires, it will not count toward the athlete’s score. 
  3. Public Criticism: All community members are expected to treat our referees with respect. Public criticism of referees or public comments evaluating the refereeing of any sanctioned event is not in the best interest of the sport. Community members are prohibited from commenting on the refereeing while acting in an official capacity other than directly to the WNL. Any act of public criticism of the refereeing may result in a suspension of coaching privileges and/or league fines.

Video Review Process

Video reviews must be submitted prior to the end of the wave the athlete is competing in. Video reviews must be submitted using our Video Review Form, provided here in this email. However, a computer will also be available at the Info Hub for video review submissions if the form is not accessible through a personal device. QR codes for scanning will also be available!


Chalk will be allowed on skills and courses. Athletes may choose to bring chalk or may use the chalk provided. 

Meet & Greets

Worlds is more than the best ninja competition. World’s is an unforgettable experience for all who attend. Want to meet with the top ninjas throughout the weekend? Make sure to stop by and meet with some top ninjas like…

Daniel Gil

Jesse Labreck

Isabella Wakeham

Caleb Bergstrom

Venue Seating

As many of you remember, the venue seating includes retractable stadium seating on each side. Unfortunately, the retractable seating on one side of the venue is still malfunctioning like last year, and will not be open for our event. Just like last year, alternative seating will be provide in this area, as well as some fun activities!

DGS Worlds Equipment Sale

Discounted pricing is available on carpet bonded foam, mats, and platform blocks that were used during the event! Demo pricing on the individual obstacles from Worlds will also be available!

World Ninja League

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