The World Ninja League is Hosting its First Regional!

The Northeast is in for a real treat.

With the announcement of the Tier 1 Regionals, you may have noticed that the World Ninja League will be the hosting organization for the Northeast Regional. For those who are interested in learning more, this post is meant to provide some additional insight on the World Ninja League’s First Regional Championship.

wnl hosted regional


For the past several seasons, our team has collaborated with our excellent network of facilities to produce incredible regional experiences for our community. We have been grateful to work alongside the best event coordinators and course designers in the industry, and we plan to continue working with our incredible community to create memorable experiences for our ninjas.


This season, in an effort to connect to our community on a more personal level and expand the regional championship experience, our team will be hosting the Tier 1 Northeast Regional. Our team is excited to take an active role in the development of this incredible community event. By taking an active role in the hosting of the Northeast Regional this season, our team is hoping to share the knowledge we gain to expand all our regional experiences. Our team is excited to connect with the community on a deeper, more meaningful level.

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Regional Championships are intended to be more than just another competition for athletes headed to compete in the World Championships. For many, the regional championships reflect the culmination of a season of hard work and dedication. Many community members attend regionals to evaluate their season growth, test their abilities, and support fellow community members. It is for these reasons that our team believes the Regional Championship experience should be a special one for each of our athletes.

Our team believes the Regional Championship experience can one day produce a mini World Championship atmosphere. This season’s World Ninja League hosted regional is the first incremental step towards building that new regional championship experience. Our team will start to introduce new experiences designed to deliver a special experience to each of our athletes at this year’s Northeast Regional Championship. The new experiences will provide athletes with additional focus, spotlight, and opportunities to showcase their abilities.

m lab nj


The World Ninja League will be renting the facility space for this season’s regionals from MLAB NJ. MLAB NJ was once home to the first-ever National Finals of the NNL and has a long history in the ninja community. This historic facility has recently been remodeled and optimized for competition. 


The facility is now equipped with a new spectator area that has been optimized for comfort and viewing. This new area will seat and accommodate our community members comfortably while also providing them with great and clear course views. Additionally, the league is planning to provide additional amenities for the comfort and enjoyment of our community members.



Our team is dedicated to providing the best community experience possible. Our team members have worked diligently to plan a magical Regionals experience for our community members. Our team has worked hard to ensure the Northeast Regional Championship has experienced staff, optimized scheduling, and quality experiences. 


The Northeast Regionals will be managed by individuals who have helped coordinate and execute large events. The competition referees will represent experienced, consistent, and dedicated individuals within our community. The staffing provided by the league will remain unbiased and seeks to provide a regional experience that is consistent, fair, welcoming, supportive, and inclusive. Committed to our standard of excellence, our staff remains excited and committed to providing the best to our athletes and community. 


Efforts have been made to produce an optimized schedule intended to ensure comfort within the venue for all spectators and athletes. This year’s Northeast Regional schedule has been designed to provide each age/gender division with its own dedicated regional experience. This schedule optimization will help ensure the community members attending the competition will have priority viewing and a focused experience on the competition by being the only age/gender division competing at that time. 


The isolation of divisions will consolidate the time families are required to be at the competition venue, allowing them additional opportunities for families to compete and explore the area all on the same day. Our schedule also helps create a focused and consistent atmosphere throughout the facility. 

northeast regional


Our team hopes to showcase our athletes in new, exciting ways this regionals, beginning with an incredible livestream. Our team will be utilizing our impressive arsenal of livestream equipment to deliver a professional-level broadcast of the competition for our community members to watch from home, but also for our athletes to rewatch! Our fantastic commentary team will be narrating all the action, including information about our athletes accomplishments, and our graphics team will be creating amazing on screen graphics to track placement, course progression, and more! 

The atmosphere in the facility promises to be electric, with a schedule created to showcase and platform each division in a special way. Bringing together elements like smoke machines, confetti cannons, and live announcing, our team is hoping to provide athletes with a competition they will never forget. Our community members will be able to watch and cheer on their athletes from a comfortable, new spectator area, while closely connecting with other members and individuals in our community. 

 Our World Ninja League team is so excited for you all to join us this season for regionals and we are looking forward to continuing to build our community together. 


Learn all about our Tier 1 Northeast Regional below! Things to do in the area, where to train, and registration links!


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