The 2024 World Ninja League Championships Are Upon Us

Mark your calendars for June 21-24!

For the past nine seasons, the World Ninja League Championships have grown in the number of athletes competing and in experience. Last season was the biggest ninja championship to date. The competition featured more athletes from more countries and regions than ever.

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The 2024 Championships will be held in the Greensboro Coliseum on June 21-24, 2024.

Following the success of Season VIII and the Premier Series, championship competition is expected to grow in numbers across all age divisions, countries, and skill levels. To accommodate this exciting growth and provide the opportunity for all of the world’s top athletes to showcase their abilities, the championship schedule will expand to an additional day.

While this new schedule does have the competition expanding over four days, most of our competitive divisions will maintain travel arrangements similar to last year’s event by having all of their competitive events take place over three days or less. This way, many athletes, families, and fans can retain a similar travel pattern to previous years if need be.

Community members are welcome and invited to enjoy the entire four days of the competition! There will always be something to do on-site, as many of last season’s favorite venue activities are returning to ensure the championship weekend is full of fun games, exciting activities, and incredible course action.

Additionally, there is flexibility in the Discipline Circuit schedule to accommodate change requests from NY athletes who may need to compete on Saturday or Sunday. There will be an easy way for all community members to notify event coordinators of potential conflicts so that the team may work with individuals to provide the best opportunity for them to compete in the Discipline Circuit.



The Discipline Circuit will be replacing the Skills events from years prior. The new circuit will still reflect the style, design, and disciplines set in years prior, but athletes will now experience significant increases in time limits and they will start to experience more complex and higher-quality events.

The three disciplines at this year’s event will each feature a different scoring format from one of the three-course formats: FlowChallenge, and Full. This scoring change will provide a unique opportunity for athletes to show off the strengths and abilities they have been training. to introduce this new opportunity for all athletes participating in this year’s Championships. The hope for this exciting new opportunity for all athletes participating is that the discipline circuit can one day rival the quality and integrity of the 3-stage main event.

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The World Ninja League has always cared about providing a space for athletes to be recognized for their incredible accomplishments, and this new flexible schedule further improves upon that aspect of the Championships. There will be times when fewer course rigs will be active at a time, thus providing a more significant focus on the individual athlete taking the course. Having fewer course rigs active at once will make it easier for spectators, coaches, and families to dedicate their full attention to the active course rigs and take in all of the amazing moments of the competition. The World Ninja League Championships continues to provide athletes with a platform where they can showcase their strengths and remarkable talents to the growing ninja community!

These enhancements to the World Ninja League Championships schedule provide more opportunities for athlete advancement, more focused viewing for spectators, and a more relaxed atmosphere for coaches. We believe that these many new benefits will only build on the fantastic atmosphere the ninja community has experienced at prior Championships.

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