Season IX Award Nominations Are Open!

It’s time to show love to our amazing community members!

With Season IX in its home stretch, the time draws nearer for our Season Awards to be handed out to very deserving community members. With many of our Awards returning this year, here are ways you can contribute to determine the winners!

season ix



This award is given to the coach who embodies the values of the Ninja Community best. If you believe a particular coach plays an active and positive role in an athlete’s lives, send in a nomination!

Michael Johnson holding his Coach of the Year award at the 2023 World Ninja League Championships


For the most creative course of the season. This course is ideally innovative, incorporates multiple skill sets and challenges athletes in as many aspects of the sport as possible.

Becca Margulies and Jadyn Welch with the Best Course Design award


Similar to Best Course Design, this award is handed out to the obstacle that provided a unique and challenging experience for all athletes who attempted it. Whether it’s a crazy new move or an evolution of an old one, be sure to submit your nomination for best obstacle!

The Obstacle Academy team with the Best Single Obstacle award


This award belongs to the community member (athlete or coach) who has shown to be a light in this sport, demonstrating attributes such as sportsmanship, inspiration, integrity, and hear


Just like last season, the winners of Sick Save Saturday will be inserted into a bracket on the World Ninja League’s Instagram Story in the months leading up to the Tier 1 Championships. You, the community, will vote for your favorite Sick Save, and the one that remains will receive the Sick Save of the Season Award!



Make your voice heard by nominating your ideal winners for this Season’s Awards! Nominations can be submitted for the Coach of the Season, Best Course Design, Best Single Obstacle, and the Makoto Nagano Sportsmanship Award. Between your nominations, winners for these awards will be selected to spotlight the most deserving candidates at the Tier 1 Championships! 


Do you think someone in the community deserves one of these awards? Make sure to get your nominations and vote for your saves as soon as possible! 

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