Regionals: The Exciting, Essential Next Step

Now is your chance to make magic happen on the course!

Tier 1 Regionals are coming up, and the stakes are only getting higher with the new two-course format. Facilities all across the world are preparing incredible courses and a great spectator experience to bring forth amazing events for all community members. With more activities and intense competition, athletes, parents, and coaches can expect to witness some incredible moments at all events.

Regionals are a great way to prepare for the Tier 1 Championships in June, where the sport of Ninja is given the opportunity to shine on a global scale. This season, with the addition of a second course, season points, and more, Regionals now more than ever are a great opportunity for athletes to gain experience, elevate the level of their competition, and empower themselves and others.

empowering and growing the


Regionals is more than just a competition. It’s a gathering of athletes, coaches, course designers, vendors, and friends. These competitions on average feature 40% of athletes in each region — and have the potential to be even higher, creating an even larger environment at the Tier 1 Championships.

For many, the Regional Championships are viewed as a gateway to the most sought after Ninja Championships. But for others, Regionals are an opportunity to support the community and their teammates. Athletes who are unable to attend the WNL Championships and athletes who are still developing their skill set have the opportunity to support their community and measure their season’s success at these significant events. These athletes can grow their competition experience and bench mark themselves against the regional championships flow and challenge courses.

Regionals are also a great gathering of the community, be it athletes, families, or fans, and provide the opportunity to create a deeper bond with the sport of Ninja and motivate athletes to return in the future. Data shows that 75% of athletes that attended Regionals last season have returned to compete, suggesting athletes who participate in these larger competitions become more engaged with the sport. As a result, not only does the opportunity for the sport to grow arise, but the odds that more athletes return to gyms and team practices also increase, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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With the exception of the Tier 1 Championships, Regionals also provide an experience for athletes unique to any other competition in terms of scale. Data shows that athletes who competed in Season VIII Regionals and returned in Season IX are victorious over 50% of their competition this season. This suggests that athletes who have competed in higher levels of competition gain the experience necessary to thrive in future seasons, and with Regionals as the second-largest competition in both size and scale in the WNL, the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience is accessible to all qualified athletes.

Regional Championships serve the purpose of pushing athletes to the limit, and participating in these competitions only makes our athletes better. The experience obtained from competing in an environment that is similar to our Tier 1 Championships is great preparation for the real deal, whether that’s for this season’s Championships or next season’s Qualifiers.

elevating competitive


With more courses, medals, and season points on the line now more than any other Regionals in the past, athletes now receive more benefits for their performances at Regionals, incentivizing higher attendance at these events. Higher attendance provides the opportunity to add a higher level of competition to the Regional Championships. Data shows that with higher attendance, Ninja’s competitive nature can continue to shine. If every athlete in a region attended Regionals, 35% of athletes would qualify for the Tier 1 Championships, while the other 65% can be proud of their hard fight for a qualifying spot. With an increased number of athletes, Regionals present the opportunity to become even more competitive, adding even more value to the achievements of the athletes who qualify for the Championships.

Regionals are already the second largest competition in the World Ninja League, just after the Tier 1 Championships. With higher attendance, these events only have the potential to become bigger, better, and be one of the most competitive events in the sport.

Whether you’re competing or not, Tier 1 Regionals will serve as an amazing example of the Ninja Community, full of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and amazing competition. All community members will share an experience like no other, and either continue or end their season on the highest note possible.

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