Crunching the Numbers

Your guide to Regional Qualifiers for the WNL Championships

Each season, the World Ninja League hosts its Regionals. Regional events help athletes qualify for the WNL Championships.

Qualifying for the Championships from a Regional follows the pattern described below:

  • Athletes in all divisions must finish in the top 16 or 35% of the unique athletes that competed in the region in the athlete’s respective age division & gender. The total qualifying spots for each region’s age division & gender will be whichever number is greater (16 or 35%) without exceeding the total max qualifiers for division & gender per region of 40 in order to qualify
    • If an athlete finishes in a qualifying spot is already qualified via regular season points, the qualifying spot will bump down to the next athlete in line

To summarize, each division (age/gender) will award at least 16 qualifying spots to athletes. Each division (age/gender) can award a maximum of 40 qualifiers. If the value of 35% of athletes within the division (age/gender) is higher than 16 but not greater than 40, that specific number of qualifying spots will be awarded.

Below is a data table that shows the number of qualifiers via Regionals!

All Qualifying Numbers

Division / RegionHeartlandMidwestNew EnglandNorth CentralNortheastNorthwestRocky MountainSouth CentralSoutheastSouthwest
Kids Male16404027401616193916
Kids Female16272516191616161916
Mature Kids Male16404025401616203716
Mature Kids Female16282716331616162616
Preteen Male16384023401616163516
Preteen Female16263416301616162116
Teen Male16263416341616162716
Teen Female16161616161616161616
Elite Male16202017241616161616
Elite Female16161616161616161616
Young Adult Male16162416191616161716
Young Adult Female16161616161616161616
Adult Male16172816271616162816
Adult Female16161616161616161616
Masters Male16161916161616161616
Masters Female16161616161616161616

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