NinjaFemme: A Recap

Here are some of the best moments from the all-female Special Event Qualifier!

On March 16 and 17, the best female Ninjas gathered at Obstacle Ninja Academy in Florida to compete in NinjaFemme, the all-female Special Event Qualifier. With all female divisions competing on multiple Stages and commentary by Mary Leighton, there were many incredible runs to celebrate the accomplishments of women in this sport. Here are some of the best runs and results!



Stage 1 served as a seeding round for Stage 2. On Stage 2, the winners of NinjaFemme were determined in every division except for the Elites. With everything on the line, our athletes gave it everything they could to secure a spot in the Season IX Tier 1 Championships.

In the Kids Female Division, it was a race to the finish, with 6 athletes completing the course. In the end, Emily Wilkes took the win over runner-up AJ Merchant by 4 seconds. Other full clears included (in order of placement) 3rd place finisher Emilia Stell, Samantha Mishkin, Elisa Auyong and Corinne Hanlon.

Reigning World Champion Meghan Moore continued her streak of dominance in the Mature Kids Division, securing a win with a full clear alongside 12 other Mature Kids athletes! Moore secured the win by 4 seconds over 2nd place finisher Cayleigh Hannon. Rounding out the podium was Haven Chizmar, and joining the podium with buzzers to their name (in order of placement) are Grace Murphy, Ananyssa Truong, Ace Nichols, Caylah Fornek, Ryan Labritz, Aleksa Upeniece, SuzieQ Riddell, Livia Goetting, Lucy Mahlin and Ava Horstman.

Josie Albornoz Mulligan clinched the Young Adult title, while Sera Sahibzada established a commanding win in the Masters Division by over 40 seconds!

The Preteen Division had 4 full course clears, but it was Mila Goetting who secured the win by a whopping 36 seconds! Other full clears included Nellie Zeune (2nd), Kinley Jenkins (3rd) and Addison Stockham (4th).

The Teen Division came down to the wire with 2 full course clears being a mere second apart. In the end, Caitlin McDonough just edged out Kherington Andrews for the win in a nailbiter of a finish, while Danyelle McDonald rounded out the podium.

Michelle Warnky-Buurma made her return in the Adult Division with a full clear on Stage 2, but was bested in time by Taylor Johnson, who went on to win the event with her run! The bronze medal was awarded to Lia Wilcox, who was the fastest runner to the final obstacle by 21 seconds.


stage 3

Unlike the other divisions, the Elite Females concluded their competition on Stage 3, where the ever-so-technical obstacle “The Clapezoid” proved to be the crux point of the competition. At first, the Stage appeared to be a race to that obstacle. Then, 2-time WNL Champion Isabella Wakeham proceeded to become the only athlete to defeat it and proceeded to cap her run off with a full course clear. Corine Capriotti and Grace Gordon raced their way over to The Clapezoid faster than the rest of the field, landing themselves 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

Congratulations to all of the female athletes who not only hit buzzers at NinjaFemme, but to those who have qualified for the Tier 1 Championships and Regionals this season! Every year, female Ninjas continue to break the barriers of what is believed to be possible in this sport, and after an incredible display of strength and skill at NinjaFemme, we can’t wait to see how history will be reshaped at the Tier 1 Championships.

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