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The World Ninja League Championships start in just about 3 and a half weeks! Below you will find important information about the Worlds experience, an update on the run order, and more amazing features at the event. Please continue to check your email (and spam) as we will be sending out additional information in the coming weeks. 

The Worlds experience for this year will be enhanced with exciting new skills, expanded event space, and amazing activities. Keep reading to find out more about this year’s event! 

Thrilling New Championship Events Await

Traditionally, the WNL has featured 4 skills in our Championship events. This year we will feature 4 brand new events that will push athletes to the next level with events that mimic the style and design of the WNL’s famous courses. These 4 new Championship events will test an athlete’s grip, power, tech, and speed in a way that showcases their true ninja talent. With the new Obstacle Grip event designed to test your true grip endurance, Obstacle Dash designed to test your true agility and speed, Obstacle Power designed to test your true explosive ability, and Obstacle Tech designed to test your precision and mechanics, even the toughest athletes will be battling through. Where does your Ninja ability lie? Will you be burning out on grip or dashing through?


Qualifying Athletes for Later Stages

The World Ninja League is so excited to welcome back our athletes and community members to another year of the most exciting Ninja event, the World Ninja League Championships. We wish for our athletes and families to be able to make confident plans for their weekend by maintaining and coordinating an on time and efficient schedule. It is our sincere hope that the total of our community is able to enjoy the competition without having to worry about schedule delays or setbacks. Additionally, we strive to have all of your top athletes running and competing on our later stages.

The WNL has worked tirelessly to ensure that our advancement rates for this year’s event, reflect the ability to keep our schedule on time, as well as our ninjas’ abilities to crush our challenging courses. This year the World Ninja League has expanded our advancement rates, to ensure that the fiercest competitors are able to showcase their skills on all stages. With numbers that will help capture our clear rate precedents set in other seasons, we have found a way to not only keep our schedule on time, but make sure that our athletes continue onto later stages. We ensure that our time limits on courses will still not only challenge athletes but also provide them enough time to demonstrate their skills!

Run Order and Registration

Registration will close in just a few short days. Please note that our spectator passes will increase in price on-site! 

Work on the run order has already begun, and the official Worlds run order will be released very soon! Our Championship run order is determined by the athlete’s best overall placement in their Regionals Standings or their Regional Championship. Better placements will run later on. When there is a tie in overall placement, the athlete with the Regional Standings placement will run later than the athlete with the Regional Championship placement. If there are additional ties, the athlete with the higher Power Ranking will run later. 

We have a record number of international competitors alongside special event-qualified athletes who will also be slotted into the run order. Their run order placement will be based on performance in their qualifying competitions and at the international qualifier. Please keep this in mind when comparing the Season VIII Standings to the official run order as the Season VIII Standings do not include all athletes!

Featured Vendors

The World Ninja League is excited to announce the following vendors will be featured at the 2023 Championships:

Fine Designs specializes in custom on-site apparel and will be available with a wide selection of merchandise, ready to be customized with the official 2023 WNL Championships logo, as well as your choice of other ninja-related slogans and artwork. 

DGS is your source for everything ninja. They build and sell several lines of course-ready Ninja obstacles equipment. 

NinjaWorks is the ultimate in ninja timing systems. Bring the full ninja experience to your ninja gym! 

Monkee Grips will allow you to train your vertical grip anywhere with a variety of rope grips. Get a grip today! 

PaperChop Shop features Tim Saguinsin “The Papercut Ninja”! He chops and bonds animation, design, illustration, painting, and sculpture to create work that pulls from his heritage, experience, and pop culture. Get a sneak peek here! 

Stage4 Designs builds only the highest quality obstacles for a lifetime of fun and challenge. Bring your imagination to life! 

Ultimate Obstacles is like no other obstacle training facility. Get over it! (and inquire about a franchise today)

Neighborhood Ninjas is working to make the sport of Ninja more equitable and diverse. Learn More and join their efforts today!


The World Ninja League is excited to announce the following activities will be featured at the 2023 Championships providing fun for the whole community:

Trick Station – Ninja tricks have become a very popular part of the sport recently. Are you or someone you know ready to show off their incredible ninja tricks? Head over to the trick station to display your talent and a chance to be featured on the WNL’s social media platforms!

Blow Up Ninja Race – Ever wanted to run against your best ninja friend, sibling, guardian, or coach? Head over to the Blow Up Ninja Race and challenge your opponent to some fun action! 

eSports Gaming – Want a break from all of the action in real life? Head up to our eSports Gaming Station and unwind with some of your favorite video games.

Tag – Do you and your ninja squad have what it takes to out run the competition and win against another ninja squad? Head over to ninja tag arena and see if you can!

Cornhole – Want to take a minute and play a quick game of cornhole with the family or a group of friends? Head over to the cornhole board and enjoy!

World Ninja League

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