Gauntlet 2: Air date, Info, and More!

The latest trailer for the hit competition reveals a lot of exciting details.

We’ve officially posted our first trailer for the 2nd World Ninja League Gauntlet! Filmed in 2022, the tournament is now ready for your viewing pleasure and will premiere on April 6.

Pitting the best athletes against each other, The Gauntlet is a bracketed tournament consisting of head-to-head races over water. At the end of each tournament, a Male and Female Champion is crowned. 

The course is designed to incorporate every skill and ability a Ninja needs to succeed and puts them all to the test. This ensures that only the best Ninjas earn the title of Gauntlet Champion. With athletes forced to display large amounts of speed, strength, efficiency and technique, you’ll have to be near perfect to survive.

In the 1st tournament, Joe Meissner won for the Men and Ava Colasanti took home the Women’s trophy. With the course modified for the 2nd tournament, will either of them be able to defend their titles?

You can find out when the 2nd Gauntlet Tournament premieres on the WNL YouTube on April 6. You can also watch the first Gauntlet Tournament below.

World Ninja League

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