Technique Categories

This training will divide techniques into three core categories.

Upper body

Lower body

Full Body

Each category will cover techniques that could be applied to that specific type.

Our flexible training approach will focus on techniques that can be applied across a wide range of obstacles. The training may give some concrete examples to help athletes start. However, we expect athletes and coaches to take the techniques and learn how to apply them to a wide range of exciting obstacles.

Upper Body Techniques

Upper body techniques focus on the skills athletes use on obstacles that are predominantly done with their upper body. Upper body obstacles typically involve athletes hanging, swinging and traversing.

Lower Body

Lower body techniques focus on techniques where the athletes are primarily using their lower extremities. These obstacles typically require the athletes to balance, run, jump and sprint!

Full Body

Full body obstacles require coordination of the athlete’s entire body to complete. These obstacles often feature athletes climbing by moving their hands and feet together through the obstacle.


This covers our brief introduction to our technique categories. At this point you should be familiar with the different technique categories and how they differentiate themselves.