Training Facilities

Obstacle specific training facilities started to emerge emerge in 2011. Two of the first training facilities were Iron Sports and Warrior Lab, now Movement Lab. Both facilities were founded in that first year.

Originally ninja training facilities were mostly designed to replicate the challenging obstacles seen on various TV shows. These gyms catered to elite ninjas looking to prepare for higher levels of competition.

Today, many modern facilities are equipped with a much wider variation of obstacles. Modern facilities are designed to allow anyone to train obstacles appropriately for their skill level and then gradually scale to more the more difficult and challenging obstacles seen at higher levels of competition over time.

Most facilities share some common organizational structure that we will cover here. However, it’s worth noting not all facilities follow this pattern and some facilities may follow this pattern but utilize a different naming convention then referenced here. Our goal is to familiarize our coaches with the most common patterns we see at ninja facilities.

Most facilities you come across will design their schedule around four things:

  • Class
  • Open Gym
  • Competition
  • Birthday Parties


Ninja features some incredibly technical movements that require specific techniques in order to complete the obstacle. Ninja Classes are typically designed to teach athletes the techniques required for any given obstacle.

Open Gym

Most facilities offer some version of “open gym” where athletes are free to practice the techniques or movements during their class time.


Many ninja gyms host competitions as a fun or serious way for athletes to test their skills and gauge their abilities. We’ll talk more about competitions in our next section!

Birthday Parties

Finally, many facilities offer birthday parties! Parties are a fun way for athletes or fans to share their ninja experience with their friends!


At this point you should have a fundamental understanding of how most facilities operate. You should be familiar with the difference between Classes, Open Gyms, Competitions and Birthday Parties. In our next section we will be taking a deeper look at competitions.