Thanks to NinjaWorks, our software and technology partner, our site features some incredible stats from detailed competition results to detailed individual clear percentages by obstacle types. In this section we will cover some of the stats you will find in the stats section of our website’s navigation.


At obstacle competitions there is this concept of “clearing” or “clear” an obstacle. This phrase is used to describe when someone successfully completes an obstacle.


When an athlete does not successfully complete an obstacle it can be referred to as failing an obstacle.

Clear Percentage

This percentage compares the number of athletes that cleared an obstacle to the number of athletes that failed an obstacle.

The clear percentage can also be applied to the entire course or skill.


Before jumping in, it’s worth mentioning all stats are tier specific. Stats earned in one tier do not transfer or impact stats from another competition tier.

Individual Competition Results

Results from an individual competition can be located on our Results stats page. This page provides provides athletes, coaches and parents access to the full scoring from any individual competition. On this page, anyone can use the dropdowns to filter and find a competition by region or by season. We covered individual format scoring briefly in a previous section. We will cover the rules that drive each format in an upcoming section. All you need to know for now is the Results page is where you can locate the results from an individual competition!

Season Points

Athletes earn points every time they place in the top 10 at any individual standard qualifying competition. The current point breakdown can be seen in the Season Points Table.

The Standings stat page lists the total points athletes have earned at their best 12 competitions. We cap the standings page at 12 competitions to “minimize point chasing” and equalize the experience for athletes competing throughout a season. Athletes who have competed in less than 12 competitions will see their total points accumulated from all their competitions.

At the end of a season, the top 3 athletes by division in each region will qualify to the respective tier championship.

Season Points Table

PlacementSeason Points
1st10 points
2nd9 points
3rd8 points
4th7 points
5th6 points
6th5 points
7th4 points
8th3 points
9th2 points
10th1 point

Team Stats

Individual athletes can join a ninja team to compete against other teams at ninja competitions. Ninja teams come in all shapes and sizes. Many ninja teams are made of individuals who train at the same ninja facility. However, any collection of athletes can become a team. We’ve also seen teams of athletes from the same school or being sponsored by the same company. We’ve also experienced athletes coming together to represent their country in international competitions.

Team scoring looks at the placements from a team’s top 3 performing athletes. Teams must have three or more members competing in a division at any given competition in order to be placed at that competition.

Ninja teams can also earn season points when their team places in the top 10 at an individual competition. The breakdown for what points teams recieve relative to their competition placement in the same as individual season points.

Teams can find the Team Leaderboard at the bottom of the individual competition Results page.

Note: the Team Leaderboard will only display when a specific division is selected.

Power Rankings