Ninja is an exciting new style of obstacle course competitions!​ The ninja community is one of the fastest growing sports communities in the world. This exciting new sport helps children build confidence, strength and resilience. Ninja competitions are exciting, fast paced and easily accessible.

The sport originally drew inspiration from different obstacle based tv series but has since involved into a fully regulated sport. The World Ninja League currently governs hundreds of competitions around the globe. Our detailed rulebook outlines how competitions run for ninja’s four disciplines: Skills, Head to Head, Flow and Full Courses.

Part of ninja’s rapid growth can be attributed to the obstacle focused training facilities that are popping up around the globe. Athletes can join these facilities to take classes on the different techniques required to complete ninja obstacles. Many of these facilities also offer competitive ninja teams. Ninja teams will compete in a ninja season with the hopes of qualifying for bigger and more competitive competitions such as Regional Championships or World Championships.

In this training we will introduce you to common terms, competition rules and policies our coaches need to follow. Additionally, this course will prompt you to complete the mandatory abuse prevention training and background checks required from all ninja coaches.

Let’s get started!