Competition Formats

Competition formats in ninja can be viewed as different events or scoring systems found in obstacle competitions. Formats in ninja are very similar to events found in track and field or disciplines found in gymnastics and climbing. Here are the different formats we recognize.

Flow Course

Perfection is key in this format! Athletes will attempt to do all the obstacles in a ninja course without falling off or touching something out of bounds. Athletes will be ranked by who completed the most obstacles in succession in the least time.

Challenge Course

Much like Flow Courses, Challenge Courses evaluate an atheletes’ progress to their furthest completed obstacle. The main difference for challenge courses is the introduction of rules that allow athletes multiple attempts to successfully complete obstacles.

Full Course

Every obstacle matters in this format. Athletes will attempt to do all the obstacles in a ninja course within a time limit. Athletes will be ranked by who completed the hardest obstacles!

Head to Head

This exciting ninja vs. ninja format takes the rules from Flow Courses but applies them to an exciting fast paced elimination race!


Obstacle Specialists will find the skills format very exciting. Skills competitions isolate obstacles from ninja courses and allow athletes to show case their obstacle specific abilities on different types of obstacle.

Most standard competitions will score athletes using a single format. Coaches can see which competition format a competition is using on our schedule page. We will cover the scoring for each format in detail in a later section. Next we will discuss how larger competitions may utilize a combination of formats to score athletes across multiple events.


That concludes this section of your training. You should now have a fundamental understanding of the different formats ninja uses to evaluate an athletes performance. We will cover this topic in greater detail in a later section.