Technique Introduction

In the upcoming sections we will discuss the various techniques used to complete obstacles. Our training will focus on techniques athletes can use across many different obstacles. We believe there are many fundamental and overlapping techniques that athletes can use to complete many different obstacles.

For example, the technique required for a Salmon Ladder transfer and the technique for flying bar requires very similar movements from the athlete. Understanding the core technique can help an athlete complete both obstacles.

We believe coaches should teach each athlete all the various techniques. Training all techniques rather then specific obstacles will allow athletes to approach each obstacle with the technique that works best for them. We believe this training philosophy helps athletes best prepare for new obstacles. The training strategies’ flexible approach helps athletes feel confident knowing they have a wide variety of techniques they can use to overcome new and old obstacles.

In the up coming sections we start the discussion on techniques by establishing some common terminology. The goal of this introduction is make sure everyone is on the same page when describing techniques or movements. The training will introduce some new terminology created specifically to help define obstacles and the movement of obstacle athletes. As well as, introduce some commonly used terms such as “switch grip”.

Let’s get started!