What is Ninja?

Ninja competitions are high difficulty obstacle courses competitions where athletes are scored by completing obstacles. In these competitions athletes typically make their way from platform to platform by traversing different obstacle challenges presented by a course designer. In many ways, ninja competitions could be viewed as a highly technical game of floor is lava!


Websters defines an obstacle as something that impedes progress. In ninja, obstacles can be seen as challenges presented to an athlete thar impede their progress as the athlete makes their way from platform to platform in an obstacle course.

Obstacle Course

When multiple obstacles are attempted in succession, the collection of obstacles become an obstacle course!

“Ninja” is an interesting name to be associated with a sport. In order to understand this unique name, one must first understand the origins of the sport. Ninja Warrior is the Americanized name of an obstacle course TV series called Sasuke that originated in Japan and gained popularity in the late 90’s.

The original Japanese version of the series aired on the American cable network G4. The series rose in popularity and eventually lead to the American version of the series known as American Ninja Warrior.

Today the sport has evolved far beyond the original Tournament featured in the televised series. The sport is now filled with training facilities, different competitive formats, and many different ways for athletes and fans to participate.

In our next section we will talk about ninja training facilities and their role in the sport.