World Ninja League offers competitive circuits for all ages and skill levels. Ninja competitions are fun, exciting and should be available to everyone! Here are the three Tiers of competitions available to athletes.

Tier 2

Athletes who are looking to start their competitive journey will find Tier 2 competitions the perfect place to get started. These competitions are competitive and provide athletes an opportunity to test their abilities at an appropriate level.

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Tier 1

Any athlete can join a Tier 1 competition. However, this circuit is recommended for experienced competitors. These competitions are highly competitive and feature some of the most challenging obstacles!

Premier Series

This circuit is reserved for the most talented ninjas around the world. Only the top 35% of ninjas worldwide will be eligible for this highly competitive, highly exclusive competition series.

Understanding the differences between the various Tiers of competition will help coaches select the competition circuit that is right for your athlete.


That concludes this section of your training. You should now be familiar with the different competitive Tiers and their corresponding skill levels.