Abuse Prevention & Background Checks

We value all of our community members and seek to provide a comfortable environment for families, athletes, coaches and administrations.

In an effort to create a welcoming environment for all, we require our coaches to submit to regular background screening and complete abuse prevention training. Both background checks and abuse prevention training are conducted through different third party providers. Both programs will be linked back to your World Ninja League Coaching Certification by providing each provider with your NinjaWorks ID.

For those unfamiliar, a NinjaWorks ID is a unique six-digit Identification number that links data to one individual. In this scenario the NinjaWorks ID is used to track Coaching Certification Status. The ID number is also used to sync waiver data and results across competitions.

If you already compete as an athlete you will already have a NinjaWorks ID. This ID can be found using the Athlete Search page.

If you are new to ninja, you can register for a NinjaWorks ID on the NinjaWorks website.

It is important coaches have their own NinjaWorks ID number. Using a child’s ID number will sync any coach certification progress to the child’s account and not the parents.

Before starting the process it is important to understand the timeline for coaches to renew their background checks. The timeline will vary by location due to the large cost difference between US based coaches and Coaches from other countries. Coaches will renew their background checks according to the following schedule:

  • United States – Every 4 Years
  • All other Countries – Every 10 Years

Access to the third party abuse prevention training and background checks can be found through the links below. Note your coach certification will not be complete until you complete this training, your background check, abuse prevention training and upload your coaching photo to your NinjaWorks profile. Your photo is needed to verify your coaching status at competitions.