Code of Conduct

The ninja community is one of the most supportive communities in all sports. The code of conduct outlines the values we hold as a community as well as the expectations we set for our athletes, coaches and community members.

In this section we will take an in-depth look at the different regulations and policies that are in place to ensure ninja’s community values are upheld worldwide.


“Because children often attend WNL events and watch WNL live broadcasts, individuals participating with the WNL must act as model citizens and uphold a Standard of Excellence and Sportsmanship. In addition, individuals must conform to the standards listed below in both the Criminal Acts, Convictions, and Registries section as well as the Other Conduct section.”

Code of Conduct Introduction Paragraph

The above paragraph is taken directly from the Code of Conducts introductory paragraph. The exert outlines the expectations for anyone seeking to participate with the league. We felt it was important to include this paragraph as is because it clearly defines what community members must due in order to be awarded the privilege of participating in league sanctioned events.

It is important to note participation is not exclusive to athletes and coaches. Anyone in attendance at a league sanctioned event is considered a participant. The rules and standards laid out in this section apply to all interested in participating. Anyone who participates in any league sanctioned event must adhere to the policies outline in the code of conduct.

Standard of Excellence and Sportsmanship

It is important league sanctioned events remain a comfortable place for all in attendance. The standard of excellence and sportsmanship outlines unacceptable behavior from participants and sets the standards for behavior that is acceptable. Here is the list of behaviors individuals must avoid in order to remain in good standing:

  • use vulgar or profane language
  • engage in conduct that could reasonably be deemed abusive, intimidating, bullying, mocking, or embarrassing
  • attempt to improperly influence any individual responsible for judging or administering a competition
  • interfere with other individuals while they are on the course
  • steal or damage the property of the hosting facility
  • wear clothing that violates the dress code set by the WNL or the facility

Any individual reportedly engaging in any of these behaviors will be subjected to the review process.

This section of the code of conduct also outlines behaviors community members can model at league sanctioned events. We believe it’s important to have good examples of how to interact at ninja events. Here is the list of some behaviors individuals can model at league sanctioned events:

  • treat everyone at the event with respect
  • maintain good sportsmanship under all circumstances

Criminal Acts, Convictions, and Registries

This section of the code of conduct covers different criminal codes individuals must comply with in order to participate at league sanctioned events. The section extends further to prohibit individuals from participating in league sanctioned events if they have done any of the following:

  • been deemed a sex offender by any state or federal jurisdiction
  • been convicted of, or plead guilty or no contest to, a criminal charge or indictment directly or indirectly relating to sexual misconduct or child abuse
  • been listed on any state or federal sexual offender list or registry
  • violated a law or regulation specifically designed to protect minors
  • committed an act that could reasonably be deemed an act of sexual misconduct, child abuse, or conduct endangering a minor

Other Conduct

While many aspects of conduct can be predicted, there are always unforeseen situations. Because of this, the World Ninja League and it’s Directors reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove and/or ban individuals from participating in World Ninja League events for any reason.

Adult & Minor Interactions

This section outlines unacceptable behavior between adults and minors. Coaches and other Administrators may spend large amounts of time and develop close bonds with students. It is important that adults affiliated with the ninja follow our policies listed below to maintain a professional relationship with students. Any violation of the policies listed here are subject to the review process and any may result in a temporary or permeant loss of privileges.

  • Don’t communicate with minors one on one
  • Don’t train one on one with a minor
  • Don’t travel one on one with a minor

Mandatory Reporters

The final section of the code of conduct provides additional information on laws requiring specific individuals to report any potential cases of child abuse or neglect. We will not cover this topic in detail here since we previously covered mandatory reports at length in our section on the Review Process. Please refer to the previous section or the code of conduct for more information.


This concludes our training on the code of conduct. At this point you should be familiar with the expectations the World Ninja League has for individuals participating at events.